Camera Compatibility List

In Photosmith 3.1, we introduced an all new camera raw rendering engine. We no longer rely on the JPG preview embedded into camera raw file formats by many digital cameras. Photosmith’s native in-app camera raw rendering means far broader raw compatibility compared to most other currently available iPad-based photography apps.

The list below is evolving, as new cameras models become available, and as we get our hands on older and more uncommon camera raw formats. If your camera model isn’t listed below, please let us know and provide one portrait and one landscape oriented sample so that we can validate if the camera raw format for your digital camera will play nice with Photosmith.

Please note that original camera raw imaging data will always remain untouched and will be sent to Lightroom during sync in an iPad First workflow. The information listed below only applies to viewing the photo within Photosmith.

The lists below were created with automated tools, and as such, typos or invalid information may exist. If there is ever a question, please get in touch and we will be happy to provide a definitive answer.

UPDATE January 2015: As noted on our Known Issues page, iOS8 introduced a bug where in certain circumstances, importing RAW+JPG pairs into Photosmith from Camera Roll/ will cause a RAW rendering error in Photosmith. We are working on a fix for the next version of our app – in the meantime, please do not import RAW+JPG pairs. Only import JPG or camera raw.

This chart details camera raw file support for models of cameras that have been tested:


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
DC-833mRAW3264x2448pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
F-080CRAW1024x768pxNoiPad 2 and newer
F-145CRAW1392x1040pxNoiPad 2 and newer
F-201CRAW1600x1200pxNoiPad 2 and newer
F-510CRAW2588x1958pxNoiPad 2 and newer
F-810CRAW3272x2469pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
EOS 1000DCR23906x2602pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS 100DCR25184x3456pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS 10DCRW3088x2056pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS 1100DCR24272x2848pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS 20DCR23522x2348pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS 300D DIGITALCRW3088x2056pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS 30DCR23522x2348pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS 350D DIGITALCR23474x2314pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS 400D DIGITALDNG3888x2592pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS 40DCR23908x2602pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS 450DCR24290x2856pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS 500DCR24752x3168pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS 50DCR24752x3168pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS 550DCR25184x3456pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS 5DDNG4368x2912pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS 5D Mark IICR25616x3744pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS 5D Mark IIICR25760x3840pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS 600DCR25184x3456pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS 60DCR25184x3456pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS 650DCR25184x3456pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS 6DCR25472x3648pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS 700DCR25184x3456pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS 70DCR25472x3648pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS 7DCR25184x3456pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS D30CRW2176x1448pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS D60CRW3088x2056pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS DIGITAL REBELCRW3088x2056pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSCR23906x2602pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSiCR24290x2856pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTCR23456x2304pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTiCR23888x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS K215CR25640x3752pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS K236CR23906x2602pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS Kiss DigitalCRW3088x2056pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS Kiss Digital NCR23456x2304pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS Kiss X3CR24752x3168pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS Kiss X6iCR25184x3456pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS MCR25184x3456pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS REBEL SL1CR25184x3456pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS REBEL T1iCR24752x3168pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS REBEL T2iCR25184x3456pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS REBEL T3CR24272x2848pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS REBEL T4iCR25184x3456pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS-1D Mark IICR23522x2348pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS-1D Mark II NCR23522x2348pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS-1D Mark IIICR23908x2600pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS-1D Mark IVCR24896x3264pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS-1D XCR25184x3456pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EOS-1Ds Mark IICR25010x3336pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EOS-1Ds Mark IIICR25640x3752pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot 600CRW854x635pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot A5CRW1046x773pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot A5 ZoomCRW1046x773pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot A50CRW1290x968pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot G1CRW2088x1550pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot G1 XCR24404x3316pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot G10CR24432x3326pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot G11CR23684x2760pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot G12CR23684x2760pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot G15CR24048x3048pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot G16CR24024x3020pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot G2CRW2312x1720pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot G3CRW2312x1720pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot G5CRW2616x1960pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot G6CRW3112x2328pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot G9CR24032x3024pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot Pro1CRW3288x2472pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot Pro70CRW1552x1024pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot Pro90 ISCRW1896x1416pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot S100CR24048x3048pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot S110CR24048x3048pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot S120CR24022x3017pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot S30CRW2088x1550pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot S40CRW2312x1720pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot S45CRW2312x1720pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot S50CRW2616x1960pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot S60CRW2592x1944pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot S70CRW3112x2328pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot S90CR23684x2760pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot S95CR23684x2760pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot SX1 ISCR23960x2760pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot SX260 HSDNG4000x3000pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot SX50 HSCR24072x3045pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot A610RAW2616x1960pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot A620RAW3112x2328pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot A630RAW3288x2472pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot A640RAW3672x2760pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot S2 ISRAW2616x1960pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PowerShot S3 ISRAW2840x2128pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
EX-FH100DNG3648x2736pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-P505RAW2568x1928pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-P600RAW2844x2142pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-P700RAW3082x2318pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-S100RAW2058x1544pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-S20RAW1620x1208pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-Z1050RAW3672x2752pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-Z1080RAW3672x2752pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-Z4RAW2324x1737pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-Z50RAW2570x1932pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-Z500RAW2577x1937pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-Z55RAW2570x1960pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-Z60RAW2833x2145pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-Z75RAW3089x2321pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-Z750RAW3087x2319pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-Z8RAW3281x2467pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EX-Z850RAW3279x2468pxNoiPad 2 and newer
QV-2000UXRAW1632x1208pxNoiPad 2 and newer
QV-3*00EXRAW2070x1546pxNoiPad 2 and newer
QV-4000RAW2260x1700pxNoiPad 2 and newer
QV-5700RAW2576x1924pxNoiPad 2 and newer
QV-R41RAW2312x1720pxNoiPad 2 and newer
QV-R51RAW2580x1929pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
N DigitalRAW3072x2047pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
PC-CAM 600RAW1024x768pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
R-D1ERF3040x2024pxNoiPad 2 and newer
R-D1sERF3040x2024pxNoiPad 2 and newer
R-D1xERF3040x2024pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
531CRAW1600x1200pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
FinePix E550RAF2894x2177pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix E900RAF3460x2607pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix F550EXRRAF3262x2464pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix F600EXRRAF3262x2464pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix F700RAF2035x1533pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix F710RAF2035x1533pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix F770EXRRAF3262x2464pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix F800EXRRAF3262x2464pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix HS10 HS11RAF3664x2742pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix HS20EXRRAF3262x2464pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix HS30EXRRAF3262x2464pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix HS50EXRRAF3264x2464pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S1RAF4624x3470pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S100FSRAF3867x2913pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S200EXRRAF2824x2128pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S20ProRAF2035x1533pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S3ProRAF3030x2036pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S5000RAF2012x1521pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S5100RAF2304x1740pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S5200RAF2606x1962pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S5600RAF2606x1962pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S5ProRAF3030x2036pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S6000fdRAF2894x2183pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S6500fdRAF2894x2183pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S7000RAF2894x2177pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S9000RAF3460x2607pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S9100RAF3460x2607pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S9500RAF3460x2607pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix S9600RAF3460x2607pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix SL1000RAF4624x3470pxNoiPad 2 and newer
FinePix X100RAF4310x2870pxNoiPad 2 and newer
IS ProRAF3030x2036pxNoiPad 2 and newer
IS-1RAF3460x2607pxNoiPad 2 and newer
X-A1RAF4952x3288pxNoiPad 2 and newer
X-E1RAF4952x3288pxNoiPad 2 and newer
X-E2RAF4936x3296pxNoiPad 2 and newer
X-M1RAF4952x3288pxNoiPad 2 and newer
X-Pro1RAF4952x3288pxNoiPad 2 and newer
X-S1RAF2848x2144pxNoiPad 2 and newer
X-T1RAF4936x3296pxNoiPad 2 and newer
X10RAF2848x2144pxNoiPad 2 and newer
X100SRAF4936x3296pxNoiPad 2 and newer
X20RAF4032x3012pxNoiPad 2 and newer
XF1RAF2848x2144pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
CFV3FR4096x4096pxNoiPad 2 and newer
H3D3FR8282x6240pxNonot supported
H4D3FR8964x6716pxNonot supported
V96CFFF4080x4084pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
Ixpress 16-MpFFF4080x4080pxNoiPad 2 and newer
Ixpress 22-MpFFF4080x5440pxNoiPad 3 and newer
Ixpress 39-MpFFF7244x5444pxNoiPad 3 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
C330RAW2336x1744pxNoiPad 2 and newer
C603RAW2848x2134pxNoiPad 2 and newer
C603vRAW640x480pxNoiPad 2 and newer
C603yRAW2848x2134pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DC120KDC1301x976pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DC20DC2501x379pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DC25K25501x379pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DC40KDC768x512pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DC50KDC768x512pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DCS Pro 14NDCR2266x1512pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DCS Pro 14nDCR4516x3012pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DCS Pro 14nxDCR2266x1512pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DCS Pro SLR/cDCR4516x3012pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DCS Pro SLR/nDCR3016x2012pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DCS200KC21536x1024pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DCS720XDCR1728x1168pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DCS760CDCR3040x2016pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DCS760MDCR3040x2016pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EASYSHARE Z1015 ISKDC3664x2742pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EasyShare Z980KDC4016x3006pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EasyShare Z981KDC4304x3222pxNoiPad 2 and newer
EasyShare Z990KDC4016x3008pxNoiPad 2 and newer
KAI-0340RAW640x477pxNoiPad 2 and newer
P850 ZOOMKDC2608x1950pxNoiPad 2 and newer
P880 ZOOMKDC3280x2454pxNoiPad 2 and newer
ProBackDCR4080x4080pxNoiPad 2 and newer
ProBack645DCR4080x4080pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
DiMAGE Z2DNG2288x1710pxNoiPad 2 and newer
MAXXUM 7DDNG3008x2000pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
3024x1944HDR3024x1944pxNoiPad 2 and newer
AFi 7MOS4992x6666pxNoiPad 3 and newer
AFi-II 12MOS10320x7752pxNonot supported
Aptus 17MOS3528x4704pxNoiPad 2 and newer
Aptus 22MOS5344x4008pxNoiPad 3 and newer
Aptus 54SMOS5344x4008pxNoiPad 3 and newer
Aptus 65MOS6096x4558pxNoiPad 3 and newer
Aptus 75MOS4992x6666pxNoiPad 3 and newer
Aptus 75SMOS6666x4992pxNoiPad 3 and newer
CMostMOS3110x2004pxNoiPad 2 and newer
CantareHDR3072x2048pxNoiPad 2 and newer
Valeo 11MOS2672x4008pxNoiPad 2 and newer
Valeo 17MOS4704x3528pxNoiPad 2 and newer
Valeo 22MOS5344x4008pxNoiPad 3 and newer
Valeo 6MOS3110x2004pxNoiPad 2 and newer
VolareHDR2048x3072pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
D-LUX 3RAW4248x2390pxNoiPad 2 and newer
D-LUX2RAW3858x2170pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DIGILUX 2RAW2568x1928pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DIGILUX 3RAW3167x2367pxNoiPad 2 and newer
LEICA M (Typ 240)DNG5976x3992pxNoiPad 3 and newer
LEICA X VARIO (Typ 107)DNG4928x3264pxNoiPad 2 and newer
LEICA X1DNG4272x2856pxNoiPad 2 and newer
LEICA X2DNG4928x3264pxNoiPad 2 and newer
M MonochromDNG5212x3468pxNoiPad 2 and newer
M8 Digital CameraDNG3916x2634pxNoiPad 2 and newer
M9 Digital CameraDNG5212x3468pxNoiPad 2 and newer
R8 - Digital Back DMRDNG3876x2584pxNoiPad 2 and newer
Leica TDNG4928x3264pxNoiPad 2 and newer
Leica CRWL---NoNot supported in Photosmith 3.1.1


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
ZDMEF4016x5344pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
2010RAW1608x1207pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
ALPHA-7 DIGITALMRW3016x2008pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DYNAX 5DMRW3016x2008pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DYNAX 7DMRW3016x2008pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DiMAGE 5MRW2056x1544pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DiMAGE 7MRW2568x1928pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DiMAGE 7HiMRW2568x1928pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DiMAGE A1MRW2568x1928pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DiMAGE A2MRW3272x2456pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DiMAGE A200MRW3280x2454pxNoiPad 2 and newer
MAXXUM 7DMRW3016x2008pxNoiPad 2 and newer
RD175MDC1534x986pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
PIXLRAW2592x1944pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
COOLPIX ANEF4928x3264pxYesiPad 2 and newer
COOLPIX P330NRW4000x3000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
COOLPIX P6000NRW4224x3168pxYesiPad 2 and newer
COOLPIX P7000NRW3648x2736pxYesiPad 2 and newer
COOLPIX P7100NRW3648x2736pxYesiPad 2 and newer
COOLPIX P7700NRW4000x3000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
COOLPIX P7800NRW4000x3000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
E5000NEF2576x1924pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E5400NEF2608x1950pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E5700NEF2576x1924pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E8400NEF3280x2454pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E8700NEF3280x2454pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E8800NEF3280x2454pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NIKON 1 AW1NEF4608x3072pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON 1 J1NEF3872x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON 1 J2NEF3872x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON 1 J3NEF4608x3072pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON 1 S1NEF3872x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON 1 V1NEF3872x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON 1 V2NEF4608x3072pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D1NEF2012x1324pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D100NEF3034x2024pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D1HNEF2012x1324pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D1XNEF4024x2648pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D200NEF3872x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D2HNEF2482x1648pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D2HsNEF2464x1632pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D2XNEF4288x2848pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D2XsNEF4288x2848pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D3NEF4256x2832pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D300NEF4288x2848pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D3000NEF3872x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D300SNEF4288x2848pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D3100NEF4608x3072pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D3200NEF6016x4000pxYesiPad 3 and newer
NIKON D3300NEF6000x4000pxYesiPad 3 and newer
NIKON D3SNEF4256x2832pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D3XNEF6048x4032pxYesiPad 3 and newer
NIKON D4NEF4928x3280pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D40NEF3008x2000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D40XNEF3872x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D4SNEF4928x3280pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D50NEF3008x2000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D5000NEF4288x2848pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D5100NEF4928x3264pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D5200NEF6000x4000pxYesiPad 3 and newer
NIKON D5300NEF6000x4000pxYesiPad 3 and newer
NIKON D60NEF3872x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D600NEF6016x4016pxYesiPad 3 and newer
NIKON D610NEF6016x4016pxYesiPad 3 and newer
NIKON D70NEF3008x2000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D700NEF4256x2832pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D7000NEF4928x3264pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D70sNEF3008x2000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D7100NEF4800x3200pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D750NEF6016x4016pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D80NEF3872x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON D800NEF7360x4912pxYesiPad 3 and newer
NIKON D800ENEF7360x4912pxYesiPad 3 and newer
NIKON D90NEF4288x2848pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NIKON DfNEF4928x3280pxYesiPad 2 and newer
Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 5000 EDNEF800x600pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
N95RAW2592x1942pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
C770UZRAW2304x1718pxNoiPad 2 and newer
C8080WZDNG3264x2448pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-1ORF2624x1966pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-10ORF2256x1684pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-20,E-20N,E-20PORF2576x1924pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-3ORF3720x2800pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-30ORF4096x3084pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-300ORF3340x2504pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-330ORF3250x2450pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-400ORF3768x2840pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-410ORF3720x2800pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-420ORF3720x2800pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-450ORF3720x2800pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-5ORF4096x3084pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-500ORF3340x2504pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-510ORF3720x2800pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-520ORF3720x2800pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-620ORF4096x3084pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-M1ORF4640x3472pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-M5ORF4640x3472pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-M10ORF4640x3472pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-P1ORF4096x3084pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-P2ORF4096x3084pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-P3ORF4056x3040pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-P5ORF4640x3472pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-PL1ORF4096x3084pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-PL2ORF4096x3084pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-PL3ORF4056x3040pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-PL5ORF4640x3472pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-PM1ORF4056x3040pxNoiPad 2 and newer
E-PM2ORF4640x3472pxNoiPad 2 and newer
SP510UZDNG3072x2304pxNoiPad 2 and newer
STYLUS1ORF3986x2992pxNoiPad 2 and newer
XZ-1ORF3680x2760pxNoiPad 2 and newer
XZ-10ORF3984x2990pxNoiPad 2 and newer
XZ-2ORF3984x2986pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
DMC-FX150RW24429x3324pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-FZ100RW23476x2612pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-FZ150RW24016x3016pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-FZ18RAW3288x1899pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-FZ200RW24016x3016pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-FZ28RW23664x2754pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-FZ30RAW3287x2458pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-FZ35RW24016x3016pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-FZ38RW24016x3016pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-FZ40RW24336x3258pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-FZ45RW24336x3258pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-FZ50RAW3672x2748pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-FZ8RAW3096x2055pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-G1DNG1024x768pxYesiPad 2 and newer
DMC-G10RW24016x3016pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-G2RW24016x3016pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-G3RW24608x3464pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-G5RW24624x3088pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-G6RW24624x3472pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-GF1RW24016x3016pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-GF2RW24016x2264pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-GF3RW24016x3016pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-GF5RW24016x3016pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-GF6RW24608x3464pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-GH1RW24144x2768pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-GH2RW24624x3472pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-GH3RW24624x3472pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-GM1RW24608x3464pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-GX1RW24608x3464pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-GX7RW24608x3464pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-L1RAW3176x2375pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-L10RAW3677x2751pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-LC1RAW2568x1928pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-LF1RW24016x3016pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-LX1RAW3858x2170pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-LX2RAW4248x2390pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-LX3RW23664x2754pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-LX5RW23664x2754pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DMC-LX7RW23664x2752pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
Optio SRAW2068x1544pxNoiPad 2 and newer
Optio S4RAW2324x1737pxNoiPad 2 and newer
Optio S4iRAW2324x1737pxNoiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX *ist DPEF3008x2008pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX *ist DLPEF3008x2000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX *ist DL2PEF3008x2000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX *ist DSPEF3008x2000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX *ist DS2PEF3008x2000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX 645DPEF7264x5440pxYesiPad 3 and newer
PENTAX K-01DNG4928x3264pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K-3PEF/DNG6016x4000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K-30DNG4928x3264pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K-5PEF4928x3264pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K-5 IIPEF4928x3264pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K-5 II sPEF4928x3264pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K-50DNG4928x3264pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K-500DNG4928x3264pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K-7PEF4672x3104pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K-mPEF3872x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K-rPEF4288x2848pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K-xPEF4288x2848pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K100DPEF3008x2000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K100D SuperPEF3008x2000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K10DPEF3872x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K110DPEF3008x2000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K200DPEF3872x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX K20DPEF4672x3104pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX QDNG4000x3000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
PENTAX Q7DNG4000x3000pxYesiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
GRDNG4928x3264pxNoiPad 2 and newer
MX-1DNG4000x3000pxYesiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
P45+DNG7240x5433pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
GR DIGITAL 3DNG3648x2736pxNoiPad 2 and newer
GR DIGITAL 4DNG3648x2736pxNoiPad 2 and newer
GR DigitalDNG3264x2448pxNoiPad 2 and newer
GXRDNG3648x2736pxNoiPad 2 and newer
GXR A12DNG3776x2832pxNoiPad 2 and newer
GXR A16DNG4352x3264pxNoiPad 2 and newer
GXR MOUNT A12DNG4288x2848pxNoiPad 2 and newer
GXR P10DNG3648x2736pxNoiPad 2 and newer
RICOH GX200DNG4000x3000pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
PENTAX K-3DNG6016x4000pxYesiPad 3 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
EK-GN120SRW5472x3648pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EX1SRW3648x2736pxYesiPad 2 and newer
EX2FSRW4000x3000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
GX-1LPEF3008x2000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
GX-1SPEF3008x2000pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NX10SRW4592x3056pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NX100SRW4592x3056pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NX1000SRW5472x3648pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NX11SRW4592x3056pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NX1100SRW5472x3648pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NX20SRW5472x3648pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NX200SRW5472x3648pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NX2000SRW5472x3648pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NX210SRW5472x3648pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NX30SRW5472x3648pxYesiPad 2 and newer
NX300SRW5472x3648pxYesiPad 2 and newer
Pro 815DNG3264x2448pxNoiPad 2 and newer
S85RAW3264x2448pxNoiPad 2 and newer
S850RAW3264x2448pxNoiPad 2 and newer
SAMSUNG GX10DNG3872x2592pxYesiPad 2 and newer
SAMSUNG GX20DNG4672x3104pxYesiPad 2 and newer
WB2000SRW3648x2736pxYesiPad 2 and newer
WB5000/HZ25WDNG4000x3000pxNoiPad 2 and newer
WB550RAW4000x3000pxNoiPad 2 and newer


ModelFile typeMax known resolution(1)Embedded Preview(2)Raw decoding(3)
DSC-SRF3925x2608pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSC-F828SRF3288x2460pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSC-RX1ARW6024x4024pxNoiPad 3 and newer
DSC-RX10ARW5496x3672pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSC-RX100ARW5496x3672pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSC-RX100M2ARW5496x3672pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSC-RX1RARW6024x4024pxNoiPad 3 and newer
DSC-V3SRF3109x2324pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A100ARW3881x2607pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A200ARW3880x2608pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A230ARW3880x2608pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A290ARW4600x3072pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A300ARW3880x2608pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A330ARW3880x2608pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A350ARW4600x3068pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A380ARW4600x3072pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A390ARW4600x3072pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A450ARW4608x3072pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A500ARW4288x2858pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A550ARW4608x3072pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A560ARW4608x3072pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A580ARW4928x3280pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A700ARW4288x2856pxNoiPad 2 and newer
DSLR-A850ARW6080x4048pxNoiPad 3 and newer
DSLR-A900ARW6080x4048pxNoiPad 3 and newer
ILCE-3000ARW5472x3656pxNoiPad 2 and newer
ILCE-7ARW6024x4024pxNoiPad 3 and newer
ILCE-7RARW7368x4920pxNoiPad 3 and newer
NEX-3ARW4608x3072pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NEX-3NARW4928x3276pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NEX-5ARW4608x3072pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NEX-5NARW4928x3276pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NEX-5RARW4928x3276pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NEX-5TARW4928x3276pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NEX-6ARW4928x3276pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NEX-7ARW6024x4024pxNoiPad 3 and newer
NEX-C3ARW4928x3280pxNoiPad 2 and newer
NEX-F3ARW4928x3276pxNoiPad 2 and newer
SLT-A33ARW4608x3072pxNoiPad 2 and newer
SLT-A35ARW4928x3280pxNoiPad 2 and newer
SLT-A37ARW4928x3276pxNoiPad 2 and newer
SLT-A55VARW4928x3280pxNoiPad 2 and newer
SLT-A57ARW4928x3276pxNoiPad 2 and newer
SLT-A58ARW5496x3656pxNoiPad 2 and newer
SLT-A65VARW6024x4024pxNoiPad 3 and newer
SLT-A77VARW6024x4024pxNoiPad 3 and newer
SLT-A99VARW6024x4024pxNoiPad 3 and newer
XCD-SX910CRRAW1375x1024pxNoiPad 2 and newer

Updated March 20, 2014


  1. This is the maximum size of the image as detected by Photosmith. This data is typically the sensor resolution of the camera, but may be affected by a number of factors. Camera raw files among camera manufacturers follow similar (but not exact) standards, causing discrepancies and inconsistencies. Photosmith uses a combination of Apple’s data and its own processing engine to determine the best data that it should use. Thus, the detected size of an image may not be a reflection of the actual sensor size, but rather, the best reconstruction possible within the constraints of the iPad.
  2. If your camera embeds a high resolution JPG preview, Photosmith will extract that JPG and use it directly. This gives you speed during import and allows your in-camera settings to be seen as well. Optionally, you can change the default behavior in the Import Settings panel. If “Decode Raw” is set to “Always”, Photosmith will ignore the embedded JPG preview and render its own image from the camera raw data. Camera raw decoding requires a lot of memory and some older iPad models are unfortunately not up to the task. To prevent app crashes, we have disabled camera raw decoding on the original 2010 iPad 1. Depending on the specific camera raw format, some iPad 2 models are also unable to accurately render raw files, and rendering is disabled as well. Find your camera model in the chart above to see which generation iPad is required in order to decode the camera raw files.
  3. Camera raw decoding (demosaicing) requires a lot of memory and some older iPad models are unfortunately not up to the task. To prevent app crashes, we have disabled camera raw decoding on the original 2010 iPad 1. Depending on the specific camera raw format, some iPad 2 models are also unable to accurately render raw files, and rendering is disabled as well. Find your camera model in the chart above to see which generation iPad is required in order to decode the camera raw files.