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Your photography workflow. Mobile.

Thousands of professional and enthusiast photographers rely on Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom to keep their photos organized. Photosmith bridges the gap between the power of Lightroom and the portability
of the iPad.


Import in the field

With a Camera Connector Kit or an Eye-Fi card you can load photos from your camera onto the iPad, and import them right in Photosmith.

Organize on the road

Sort, rate, and tag your photos on the plane or while the model’s getting her hair touched up. Stars, labels, keywords and copyright info – one at a time or a thousand at once.

Sync with Lightroom

Wirelessly beam photos from your iPad into your Lightroom library, including RAW files – or sync your backlog to your iPad, to sort through them on the couch.

Devlopment Officially ends

Oct 15 2015 As of today, we are officially announcing the discontinuation of development on Photosmith, the first iPad application to enable a mobile RAW workflow for photographers using Adobe Lightroom.

The app will remain in the iPad App Store so that existing customers can download it to their new devices and it will remain available to purchase ... read more...

History and Insights

Oct 15 2015 Read more about the history of Photosmith and why we had to make this decision to end development. We've also written some background about Photosmith's economics and stats, in the hope that it will help other developers.

Lightroom plugin: stay in sync

With the Photosmith Plugin for Adobe Lightroom, Photosmith can sync to and from your Lightroom library.

Set-up is easy: when your iPad and your computer are on the same wireless network, the plugin will automatically detect Photosmith on your iPad and configure itself. more

Publish service

The Photosmith plugin for Lightroom appears as a standard Publish Service, so you can easily drag and drop photos to your iPad.


Grab a batch of photos and drag them into a new Collection. It’ll appear in the Photosmith publish service when you sync.


Grab a batch of photos and drag them into a new Collection. It’ll appear in the Photosmith publish service when you sync.

download plugin

Star Power: rate, label and flag

Filter & sort

With a swipe of the quick tag bar, you can filter your photos by rating, label or flag, too.

Lightroom 4 or 5

The most recent versions of Lightroom are fully supported

Apply star ratings, color labels and flags to organize your photos. The Tag Bar lets you easily rate your photos one at a time, or a thousand at once.

Every photographer has their own preferred method when it comes to stars and colors. Photosmith brings those tools to the iPad. more

Smart Groups: made to be touched

Photosmith introduces an innocent yet innovative slider that intelligently groups your photos based on your sorting preference and sophisticated analysis of the visible photos.

There’s no settings to fiddle with, and no complex variables to set.

Just move the slider and watch your photos group themselves. Tap the header to select all the photos in a group. It quickly becomes second nature, and you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it. more

Keywords the easy way

ITPC Presets

Set up configurable presets for ITPC metadata to apply your copyright information to a batch of photos at a time with just one tap of a button.


When you view a photo, Photosmith shutter speed, aperture, ISO, camera and lens model – and a handy histogram.

Photosmith includes a touch-optimized keyword system that keeps track of your most recent and most common keywords.

Drill down through nested keywords, or perform global search.

Photosmith syncs your entire keyword hierarchy from Lightroom and puts all its power at your fingertips. more

And much more


Photosmith supports a variety of sharing services. Send highlights from your latest shoot to Flickr or Facebook.


For ultimate peace of mind, you can wirelessly upload your photos, including RAW files, to Dropbox.


And with an Eye-fi card, you can beam photos straight to your iPad for instant, on-site review.


The Photosmith app and plugin use Bonjour to find each other over your wireless network, so you can set them up to sync in a snap.

Native RAW support

Photosmith supports a growing list of cameras and formats, including many formats that are typically not supported on the iPad. Read more

100% magnification

View every pixel, whether you’re shooting JPEG or RAW. Pixel-peep at full 1:1 magnification to check whether you nailed focus.

Photosmith on the iPad

Praise from the press

“Got an iPad? Use Adobe Lightroom to organize and mess with your Photos? Then prepare to get excited.”Charlie Sorrel / Wired

“Photosmith is a solid app. If you’re in that market, and if you think the iPad fits in [your workflow] … Photosmith totally rocks.” Matt Kloskowski / The Grid Episode 64

“Photosmith lets you do a lot of the things [that] I think are the most desirable for Lightroom on the iPad.” Leo Laporte / iPad Today Episode 148

“For me it means I can meet clients anywhere, and do a shoot review making selects at a place that suits them, but without the theatrics of setting up a computer/laptop.” Sean McCormack /

“Ditching superfluous gear is great. Photosmith will lighten your photographic load, iPad- loading pics straight from your camera.” Sam Biddle / Gizmodo

“Smart Groups is the other big new feature. It takes a little getting used to, but it allows you to use sliders to narrow in on date ranges in any collection.

In effect, this does away with the need for events or any time-based organization. You really have to try it to see how well it works.” Charlie Sorrel at Cult of Mac