March 13, 2012

We’ve been getting a lot of email recently asking about where we stand. So… rather than just vaguely saying “it’ll be a little longer,” we’re going to try being very open about exactly what’s left, the danger is that opens us up to more criticism. However, we feel its worth it to keep you folks well informed. We’ll try to keep this list up to date, so that you can check back on it often.

Keep in mind that v2 has been almost a complete re-write. It wasn’t really planned that way, but made the most sense the more we got into it. We took what worked with v1 of the app and went back to the drawing board. Most of the core logic to extract raw data, sync with Lightroom, etc, remained, but almost everything that you interact with has changed. We’ll try to post some final screenshots in the next couple days.

Current bug list – not comprehensive, and in no particular order:

  • Errors in displaying some images in the new thumbnails in grid view
  • Random positioning issues with the slide-up QuickTag bar
  • Filtering by keyword, title, or caption isn’t working correctly
  • The QuickTag bar should be showing a summary of current filter settings but isn’t
  • Drag and Drop randomly crashes when starting a drag
  • Some possible Drop destinations aren’t allowing drops properly
  • Random crashes when changing view modes
  • Activity Center doesn’t show log messages for currently running processes
  • Syncing still locks up sometimes
  • Syncing from the iPad needs a lockout so multiple syncs can’t be started at the same time
  • Awaiting final graphics for Setup Wizard
  • v1 -> v2 data migration still in progress (had to wait until the end for this one)
  • RW2 files are showing odd behavior under iOS5.1
  • Transfer to Flickr and Facebook giving odd errors when running as a background task
  • Full screen is not properly hiding/revealing the status bar when tapped

Additionally, a couple of things have changed since we last reported status to you: the iPad 3 we expected but the timing was a surprise and Morse broke his collarbone. Apple’s choice to ship the iPad 3 this week puts it right square in the middle of our release schedule. We’ll talk about that more in another post.

One of the benefits of a small team (there’s just 3 of us, 2 programmers and a designer) is that we’re agile and fast. The downside is that we’re heavily dependent on each member. Apparently, Morse didn’t take that into account before breaking his collarbone and taking out 1/4 of our programming arm capacity. Luckily, he’s healing well and almost back to typing with both hands but we did lose a lot of ground during that time. Unfortunately, that has affected the schedule causing us to slip some more. ┬áIf you’re upset about that, just give him a slap on the shoulder, he likes it, promise!

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7 Responses to “Remaining v2 list”

  1. Josh says:

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Tony says:

    We photosmith users understand you guys. I can picture you every night just thinking about psmith, and every morning, of every day. Please make sure you take well rest every day, I know it’s very important, and psmith is all you can think about, but remember. WE HAVE PHOTOSMITH 1 and we understand all the work you guys are doing. From all the developers of apps I have and all the softwares, you guys are my very favorite team and the ones I respect the most.
    You guys are pioneers of serious app for iPad, with what you are doing you’re making our work, hobby, just very enjoyable ! And that’s priceless!!
    I would gladly pay again for the v2 if I have to!
    Please take your time to do what you have to and remember that proyects like this make a difference and impact in the others!
    Thank you very much my friends for the hard work and effort !!
    We can wait.

    • Chris Morse says:

      Wow Tony, thanks! Best. Comment. Ever. :-)

      We have the best users too. Even when the going gets rough you folks always come out strong.

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  4. Great answer to that unreasonable customer. I’ve fired a few customers myself.

    If I buy version 1 now, do I have to pay to upgrade to v2?