Our Photosmith for iPad app, Lightroom plugin, and all the associated workflows and configuration options can be difficult to set up and fully understand… at least at first. To help, we have a number of support resources available to assist users in integrating Photosmith into their digital photography workflow.

Photosmith’s documentation is available either as individual Knowledge Base documents at or as a single comprehensive PDF, perfect for offline viewing.

If you have a question about a bug or issue with Photosmith for iPad or Photosmith’s Lightroom plugin, and it wasn’t answered in the above User Guides, please check out our list of Known Issues – Photosmith is very much an evolving product, and is under constant development.  If your issues isn’t noted there, please contact us for support – Someone on our Development Team (listed below) will be happy to say hello and discuss your concern.

You can view a list of all compatible camera raw formats here. If your camera isn’t listed, please send us a sample file and we’ll test it.

Do you have an idea for the app or Lightroom plugin? You may send feature ideas and requests to us or view ideas created by other users, and up-vote features you think are best in our Ideas and Suggestions area.

We’re also on the social media – Follow us on Twitter @photosmithapp and be our friend on Facebook.

If you want to reach a member of the Photosmith Development Team directly:

  Chris Morse, Owner/Developer: crmorse (at)

  Chris Horne, Owner/Developer: ckhorne (at)

  Nico Janssen, UX and UI Designer: njanssen (at)

  Mike Wren, Documentation, Chief User Advocate, Evangelist, Workflow Geek: mwren (at)