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Photosmith 2.1 adds full Flags support & faster syncing

Atlanta, GA. July 11, 2012 – C Squared Enterprises, Inc has released Photosmith 2.1 for the iPad. Photosmith has been used by thousands of mobile photographers over the past year to manage photos using collections, keywords, tagging, ratings, EXIF, and IPTC metadata. With Photosmith, photographers can load their photos directly on the iPad, filter, sort, rate, and keyword while in the field/studio. When they get back to Adobe Lightroom on their Mac or PC they can sync all photos from the iPad to Lightroom and all of their tagging and rating will also transfer with no need to duplicate effort.

Photosmith 2.1 extends this functionality adding Flags (requires Lightroom 4.0 or higher) and improved sync with Lightroom.  This update adds Pick flags and Reject flags as well as the ability to filter and sort by any flag status.  Flags are also synced with your Lightroom catalog in both directions.

Sync has been improved dramatically: speed was increased by eliminating the need to re-render photos and numerous new checks have been added to deal with the challenges of WiFi in the real world.  Additionally, a new conflict detection has been added to prevent unintended data loss if there is a situation where changes have been made on both sides and can’t be automatically resolved.  This update also includes a number of other important bug fixes. The full release notes can be found on this blog post.

Photosmith continues to offer enhanced support for many native camera raw formats. Photosmith offers a grid view for quickly sorting through thumbnails and collections, a loupe view for viewing individual images and tagging, and a full screen view to maximize use of the screen. Users can assign a rating, choose a color label, view pertinent EXIF data (shutter speed, ISO, f/stop, and more), or edit the title, caption, or a number of other IPTC fields. Metadata presets allow quick tagging of similar images. All these settings are synchronized with Lightroom using the Photosmith Lightroom Plugin. See more in our Tour videos.

Photosmith is the result of three years effort from a small team of people around the world, and has been built based on the feedback and suggestions from passionate users.

Photosmith 2.1 is free to update to all existing users or can be purchased fors US$19.99 (or the approximate equivalent in other currencies) from the App Store.  Photosmith runs on iPad (any generation) running iOS 5.1 or later. Adobe Lightroom 3.5 or higher is required for syncing (4.1 recommended) along with the free Photosmith plug-in for Lightroom). For more information please visit 

Chris Horne / Chris Morse, Co-Developers of Photosmith



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