Photosmith 2 Upgrade Guide

If you’re a current Photosmith v1 user please follow these steps to make sure that your upgrade is as safe as possible.

  1. Perform a Photosmith wifi sync with Lightroom to make sure all of your changes are saved in Lightroom
  2. Perform an iTunes sync (make sure backups are turned on if you disabled them) so that you can restore just in case something goes screwy
  3. Verify your syncs and backups ;-)
  4. Download the free update from the App Store (available after 23-May-2012 9:00 am EDT)
  5. After installing the update, Photosmith 2 will automatically upgrade its catalog to the new format.  All of your previous work will be migrated over and ready for use in Photosmith 2.
  6. Install the Photosmith 2 plugin. It can safely be installed side-by-side with the v1 plugin. (But they are not cross-compatible).  You can find more information about the new plugin here.
  7. Enjoy!

If you have problems please contact support. But, please understand we’re about to get deluged so bear with us if our response time isn’t up to it’s usual speed.  We’ve tried to document everything possible in our Knowledge Base so try there first. We’ll also be updating the KB live if we discover any issues.