Photosmith App and Plugin Known Issues

Below is a running list of known issues for Photosmith for iPad 3.1.1, released on March 20, 2014. Please do not report these issues as bugs to our Support Team, unless we’re specifically requesting for help in tracking down any of the specific issues listed below.

These are the issues we’re aware of and are working to address in a forthcoming version of the Photosmith app for iPad and/or the Photosmith Lightroom plugin. The reference number listed is the bug number in our internal bug tracking system – For our own sanity, please use this reference number when discussing a bug with us.

    iOS8 Related

  • RAW+JPG pairs cannot be imported from Camera Roll/ to Photosmith in iOS8. Apple changed some things around on us, which broke this functionality. (#1361)
  • PhotoCopy doesn’t work in Photosmith in iOS8 – we’re working on fixing this in the next app update. (#1354)
  • Develop changes made in aren’t seen by Photosmith during import (#1317)
  • Metadata Handling

  • When exporting a photo to iPad Album/Camera Roll, not all metadata is always embedded into the photo (#1196)
  • Photos exported to Dropbox as original/fullsize will not have metadata embedded into the file. “Med JPG” and “Large JPG” will have Photosmith’s metadata embedded into the photo as expected. (#1226)
  • Others

  • Photos won’t correctly export to Flickr in Photosmith 3.1.1. Yahoo! changes some server settings on their end, and all third-party apps like Photosmith will need to be updated. We’re working on a fix, to be included in the next version of the app (#1351)
  • Deleting a synced photo in Lightroom will cause subsequent syncs to hang when our plugin tries to find the deleted asset in Lightroom. (#1343)
  • Updating Photosmith’s plugin for Lightroom from version 3.0.2 to 3.1 (or newer) requires a couple extra steps, please see this blog post for a quick 60 second video showing how to update
  • Activity messages in the Activity Center don’t always get cleared. This is a display-only issue, and does not affect background processes. The workaround is to force quit Photosmith and relaunch the app (#1069)
  • Undo doesn’t work in certain situations, especially in Grid View when many (hundreds) photos are selected. (#1195)
  • Shutter speed isn’t always displayed in the EXIF information area in Loupe view in certain situations (#1165). Don’t confuse this with f/stop and focal focal length not being displayed when using lenses (especially older manual lenses) which don’t report this data to your camera.
  • Keyword hierarchies may not function as expected in certain situations – a child keyword (at the bottom of the hierarchy) may also show up as a top-level keyword (#1323)
  • Filenames containing accented letters (for example église Sainte-Thérèse-de-l’Enfant-Jésus) may not sync in all situations (#1322)
  • Synced photos renamed in Lightroom aren’t also renamed in Photosmith during the next sync – renames are not propagated during sync. (#1320)
  • Photos imported to iPad through the Camera Connection Kit (CCK) as RAW+JPG may cause a crash when importing to Photosmith, either a link or copy. This is due to an out-of-memory condition caused by selecting all photos to import, then immediately pressing the import button. A workaround is to select all, then wait for the filesize counter incrementing to complete, then pressing the import button. We’re working on a fix. (#1325)