Local Sync with Lightroom

Most professional and enthusiast photographers rely on Adobe Lightroom to help manage their photos. Since the iPad was first introduced in 2010, photographers have been clamoring for a way to bring that power onto the ultimate mobile device.

Photosmith is the answer.


placeholder imageClear your photo backlog away from the desk.

Take those unsorted photos with you on your iPad, so you can sort the wheat from the chaff from the comfort of your couch, on a dull commute, or even a beach-side hammock.

placeholder imageStart your work in the field.

Even in the middle of the busiest shoot, there’s always some down-time. With Photosmith, you can get a head start and perform a little photo triage while you’re in still in the field.

Publish service

The Photosmith plugin for Lightroom appears as a standard Publish Service, so you can easily drag and drop photos to your iPad.


Grab a batch of photos and drag them into a new Collection. It’ll appear in the Photosmith Publish Service when you sync.

Quick export

To quickly send a few photos over to your iPad for processing you can Export to Photosmith right from the Lightroom menu.

User Collections

Grab a batch of photos and drag them into a new User Collection. They will appear in the Photosmith Publish Service when you sync.

Matching and Syncing

Matching & Syncing

Two-way synchronization is trickier than it sounds. The Photosmith plugin for Lightroom uses a number of different file matching algorithms to match photos on your iPad to photos in your Lightroom catalog. This ensures that you won’t end up with duplicates, and saves time since only the photo metadata needs to be transferred.

Photosmith’s robust matching algorithms enable some interesting workflows, such as the Proxy JPG method. If your camera can record to multiple memory cards simultaneously, you can save small JPG files to one card, and large camera raw files to the other. Import the small JPG files into Photosmith and the camera raws into Lightroom as you normally would. Photosmith will match them for you automatically!

Since the release of Photosmith 1.0, the matching algorithms have evolved. Flexible matching rules can evaluate capture time, file name, extension and image sequence, so even if you’re a high-speed sports shooter, Photosmith won’t get confused.

Safety first

We’re photographers ourselves and we understand how valuable your camera original files are. Photosmith never alters the original files.

All metadata is stored in Photosmith’s database and synced wirelessly. When your images are transferred, they’re a byte-for-byte copy of the photo you loaded on your iPad.


You can sync your entire Lightroom keyword hierarchy to your iPad, then search, drill down, and add to it.

If you have a very large hierarchy but feel speed is a higher priority, the Photosmith plugin can be configured to only send over those keywords that have changed since the last sync session.