Smart Groups Slider


Every photo organizer offers a way to group photos together and some will even automatically group them for you. The standard Photos application on your iPad will create Events from photos in your camera roll, depending on the day they were taken.

For a proficient photographer, that just doesn’t cut it. Event photographers shooting weddings or sports will shoot hundreds or thousands of photos per assignment, and sometimes you’re looking to quickly isolate photos that were taken in the span of minutes.


Smart Groups

Introducing Smart Groups.

A simple slider. That’s all. That’s how we make it easier to find and group your photos, whether you’re a sports shooter or a photojournalist documenting by-the-minute action, or traveling for weeks.

Smart Groups are, well, smart.

Sophisticated algorithms analyze the distribution of the photos you’re currently viewing, even if you have filters applied. By studying the gaps between photos as well as the ranges, the Smart Groups system creates sensible groupings that you can adjust with a simple swipe.

Patent Pending


The Grid View updates live and remembers your position, no matter how many photos are in the collection you’re working on.

If you’re processing a few hundred photos of a football game and see a burst sequence showing a particular pass you want to quickly send to an editor right away. Or maybe you’re a corporate portrait photographer, making headshots on location, and need to make a dozen collections, one for each exec you photographed.

Just move the slider until the photos you want are grouped, and select them with one tap. Now you can upload them to Dropbox, send them by mail, or apply some keywords. And move on.

Works like magic

Just by moving the slider you can refine thousands of wedding photos into just a few sets that group the preparations, the ceremony, and the reception. Of course, the math isn’t always perfect – but try it for yourself and you’ll likely be surprised how shockingly accurate Smart Groups often are.

One-tap select

Each group shows the date and time range of the photos it contains, updating automatically as you move the slider. Tap the checkbox in the header to select or deselect the grouped photos.

Praise from the press

“Smart Groups is the other big new feature. It takes a little getting used to, but it allows you to use sliders to narrow in on date ranges in any collection.

In effect, this does away with the need for events or any time-based organization. You really have to try it to see how well it works.” Charlie Sorrel at Cult of Mac