Processing raw files isn’t easy, though. There are issues with compatibility, file size, and processing speed.

Fortunately, Photosmith overcomes these hurdles and delivers real, usable raw capability to the iPad.

Real raw processing

Nearly all photo apps use the embedded preview images that exist in many raw formats, but these previews are often low resolution and low quality versions of the original image.

Some formats, such as Leica’s DNG or Fujifilm’s RAF files, don’t have embedded previews at all.

Because Photosmith can process and display the actual raw data, owners of these cameras can now view and manage their raw images directly on the iPad – and all raw shoters get to view the full detail and quality of their images.

The raw processor in Photosmith is built for speed. It takes advantage of the iPad’s multiple processors and GPU to make it the fastest app for raw processing on the go.

Combine this speed with the ability to manage many pictures at a time, and the result is a true mobile management platform.

Check out the Camera Compatibility List for more information.