Different photographers use different methods to organize their photos, and Photosmith is equipped to handle them.

The entire interface is designed around the Tag Bar. From the start, we knew that the stars, color labels and flags had to be accessible at all times.

Screenshot of Stars, Labels, and Flags

The Quick Tag Bar contains all the fundamental organizational tools: color labels, star ratings, flags and both left and right rotate buttons. They’re always in view, always in the same place. It’s interactive, too, so you can see the rating for the current image or images, and change it with a tap.


In Full-Screen mode, you can enable the option to automatically advance to the next photo when you tap any of the buttons on the Tag Bar, so you can quickly breeze through your photos.

Batch apply

In Grid mode you can select a bunch of photos and rate, label or flag them all at once.

Full & Partial

When multiple photos are selected the buttons show whether all or some have a particular rating.

Filter & Sort

Swipe the Tag Bar upwards in Grid mode to show the Filter and Sort controls, if you want to show the four- and five-star photos to a client, or want to double-check the Rejected photos before you sync.