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Lightroom’s keyword hierarchy is an amazingly powerful tool. If you shoot stock photography or sports, or even if you’re just meticulous about cataloguing your photos, good keywording is indispensable.

Photosmith brings the full capability of Lightroom’s keyword functionality to the iPad – and then improves on it.


Keywords Heirarchy
Keywords Search
Keywords Suggestions


The Photosmith plugin for Lightroom can sync your compete keyword collection with your iPad. And if you use nested keywords, you can even drill down hierarchically.

Search and create

You can search for individual keywords without losing your place in the hierarchy. Can’t find the keyword you want? Photosmith will create it for you and sync it to Lightroom.

Suggest and copy

For added convenience, Photosmith shows you the most common and the most recently used keywords. And of course you can just copy and paste keywords from one photo to the next.

ITPC Presets

ITPC Presets

For commercial and sports photographers it’s important to record ITPC data for your photos early on in the workflow. Your copyright info, the client and model names, location and license details.

You an edit these in Photosmith, one at a time or by batches. To make things even more convenient, you can create presets for your most commonly-used ITPC data.

And because you can choose which ITPC fields should and shouldn’t be included in each preset, you can easily mix and match when you import a new batch.