Step one in any photo management workflow is importing. With a Camera Connector Kit, you can import photos from a memory card or from your camera, onto your iPad’s Camera Roll.


Our mission has always been to give photographers the tools they need for their mobile workflow, so Photosmith 3 offers great control over importing those photos into your Photosmith library. Not only can you choose which photos to import, you can also choose how.

Copy does what it says: complete copies of your photos (including RAW files) are saved inside Photosmith.

This means copied files can be synced with Lightroom even if the copy in the Camera Roll has been deleted. Additionally, since Photosmith manages Copied files, you have the option to delete photos you don’t want to sync right from within Photosmith.

Link imports a preview of each photo into Photosmith, but leaves the original file in the iPad Camera Roll.

They can still be exported, shared and synced, since Photosmith will look up the original in the Camera Roll when it needs to – and you can still view your photos at 1:1. Linking is a good option when you’re running out of space on your iPad.

Of course, plugging in a memory card isn’t the only way to transfer your photos.


Set up Photosmith as your Eye-Fi card’s transfer destination and watch photos appear in your Photosmith library as you take them.

Wireless Grip

Several camera manufacturers offer add-on modules, like the Canon WFT-E4 grip. Photosmith supports a number of these already and support will grow as we’re able to test more devices.


Some workflows need the reliability of proven technologies; many studios rely heavily on FTP to move photos through their workflow. With secure FTP support, Photosmith can keep up.