Product Comparison

Better functionality is what sets Photosmith apart from similar iPad apps and like you, we not too keen about paying another monthly fees either. We’re very proud to offer fast, local Lightroom sync, based on Wi-Fi instead of an Internet connection, true Camera Raw support, and the features photographers need to make Photosmith the top choice for professional and casual mobile photography. All without an ongoing monthly subscription fee.

Feature Matrix

Photosmith Lightroom Mobile Mosaic Archive
Subscription-Free Yes No
$9.99/mo Creative Cloud
account required
Free for most recent photos;
plans start at $7/month
Local Wi-Fi Sync Yes No
Internet connection required
Internet connection required
iPad 1 Support Yes (1) No No
iPhone Support No No Yes
Android Support No No No
Sync Keywords Yes
Multi-level hierarchy support
No No
Sync Pick/Reject Flags Yes Yes Yes
Sync Color Labels Yes No Yes
Sync IPTC Metadata Fields Yes No Yes
Multiple Lightroom
catalog support
No No Yes
Native In-App Camera Raw
Yes No No
Wireless Import via Eye-Fi Yes No No
Wireless Import via FTP Yes No No
Camera Roll Import Yes Yes No
Develop Changes on iPad No Yes No
Sync Develop Changes Made in Lightroom Yes Yes Yes
Syncs With Lightroom 4 Catalogs Yes No Yes
Text-Based Metadata Search No No Yes
Filter on Star Ratings Yes No Yes
Filter on Pick/Reject Flags Yes Yes Yes
Filter on Color Label Yes No Yes
Intelligent & Automatic Photo Grouping Yes No No


  1. We’ve strived to maintain compatibility with iOS 5 over the years, thus keeping support for iPad1. However, Apple is increasingly requiring all apps move to iOS 7. Because of this, we will be forced to update Photosmith to iOS 7 at some point in the future. When that time comes, we’ll use Apple’s options to keep the last iOS 5 compatible version available on iTunes as long as possible.