While our Engineering Team works to iron out some bugs related to iOS 7.1, the Creative Team recently started production on some training videos to compliment our existing (some might even call verbose) online documentation.

The first topic we’re covering is importing your photos into Photosmith from your iPad’s Camera Roll:

Photosmith 3.1 – Import from Photosmith App on Vimeo.

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A few minutes ago, Apple released an update to iOS. This update, iOS version 7.1, will cause Photosmith to crash to your iPad’s home screen after importing images from Photos.app / Camera Roll and when converting link/copy. This app crash isn’t as catastrophic as it appears – It’s a display-only bug, and your photos and metadata are perfectly safe. No data loss will result from this crash. Restarting Photosmith after the crash will show all your previously imported photos in Photosmith’s catalog (including the photos imported and converted just prior to the crash). You may continue working as your normally would in Photosmith.

More importantly, Photosmith will continue functioning as it did prior to updating to iOS 7.1. Importing photos via Eye-Fi, FTP, iTunes, or when syncing with Lightroom, isn’t impacted by this issue. This is an issue specific with how we’re handing the import dialog window after the import is completed. Instead of closing the import window and displaying the normal Photosmith interface, the entire Photosmith app shuts down.

Every major and minor release of iOS from Apple contains its share of quirks, which are usually addressed through a process of non-public beta testing between developers and Apple. Once Apple feels this internal testing has run its natural course, they traditionally issue a final “Gold Master” version of the iOS update, which is then sent back to developers for testing a few days ahead of its public release. This is when our final testing usually occurs, and is the time when we usually make any necessary adjustments to Photosmith. The root cause of our app crash is an iOS bug introduced in iOS 7.1 – we didn’t anticipate this issue living through to the final public release.

This isn’t our first rodeo: We’ve observed iOS issues in beta versions which caused all sorts of havoc with Photosmith, but these were always fixed by the good folks at Apple by the time the “Gold Master” version was released. We’re not keen on wasting hours, days, or even weeks of development time working around an iOS issue in our app, only to have it ultimately not be an issue in the final shipped version of iOS.

The difference this time around, however, is that Apple didn’t provide a “Gold Master” of iOS 7.1 to developers prior to the official public release. Today was our first opportunity to see the final release… after it was already public.

We are already working on a fix for the import and convert window crashes, but for now, you may safely import from Camera Roll and convert links/copies, and expect Photosmith to crash at the conclusion of the import or convert. Then relaunch Photosmith and get to work adding tags, star and color ratings, pick, reject flags, then sync it all to Lightroom, if that’s your workflow. If you experience any other issues with iOS 7.1, please let our Support Team know: support.photosmithapp.com

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There are various questions you will need to ask yourself before you pick up a piece f paper and a pen and start crayoning your future home business plan. What exactly do you plan on selling who are your targeted customers? Are you an expert in the field? Do you possess the right skills, knowledge, degrees, or education to handle everything? Can you create a product or service that can actually answer a question or a resolve a consumer problem? How often can the product/service be sold? Early/seasonally? 

Know Your Competition Well

It is of utter important to start by knowing who your competitors are going to be. Think at your potential customers or clients and determine whether you are planning on marketing to consumers or markets, or maybe to both of them at the same time. Create the portrait of your potential customer and focus on his needs and desires. Now turn to your competition and check out the type of solutions they are currently providing your targeted customer. Do you think you can offer something similarly good or superiorly better? Can you kick some competitor rear, can you add a unique feature, ingredient, component, additional service that will rock your prospects’ and make them come to you? Once you will manage to find the satisfactory answers to all of these questions and matters, it is time to move on to the organization stage of your business.


Handling All Tasks – Help Needed?

You are going to have to check your availability and ability to handle the bookkeeping, email and phone answering, appointment setting, bank issues, supply ordering and so on. Depending on the characteristics of your business, you will need to determine if and how many people you will need to hire to help you get started and function properly. Home businesses normally imply the use of one or two rooms in the house as offices. So if you already have a designated area in mind, now it is the best time to start preparing it for the changes that are to come. Keep in mind a simple desk where you can place you computer is probably not going to suffice. Inventory room, supply space, a records or equipment room, all of these are quite popular among home businessman. So make sure you can find the right space, location – if you need a certain climate for the special equipment you might be hosting, find it and customize it so it can fit your needs. 

Keep an eye on the legislation you will need to obey – home businesses that imply the receiving of clients or customers inside your home or business that work with hazardous materials might not be legal. Don’t overlook your insurance needs and make sure you have the money to cover our start-up costs. If you are thinking of playing the lottery to get your hands on the money, you could check out the fresh lotto results on the LotteryPlanet.org worldwide lottery site. Find out if your lucky numbers have brought you a spectacular prize and instantly purchase a ticket for the next draw with your favorite European or American lottery game.   

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With the release of Photosmith version 3.1, we introduced native camera raw processing, right in the Photosmith for iPad app. Unlike most other iOS photography apps, we no longer rely on the JPG preview which many cameras embed within a camera raw file, nor do we utilize Apple’s iOS for camera raw support. By decoding camera raw files ourselves, we’re able to display photos from a far larger number of camera models and camera raw formats.

We just updated our list of supported cameras – and we’re really excited. The big list currently stands at well over 400 camera models, including several for which iOS support has been limited or non-existent, like FujiFilm RAF files and Leica’s version of DNG.

The list is over at photosmithapp.com/cameras If your camera model isn’t listed, please let us know; this list is a living document which will be updated on a regular basis to reflect new cameras that Photosmith can decode, for both newly released models and older niche camera raw formats.

If you experience any issues with our camera raw processing engine, please give our Support Team a shout at support.photosmithapp.com – We’re currently tracking a few issues relating to importing RAW+JPG and other odds-and-ends. Of course, Photosmith is under active development, and a quick list of issues we’re tracking is at http://www.photosmithapp.com/index.php/known-issues/

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Starting up an affiliate marketing business or getting into the affiliate marketing field means you at least have the basic idea of what this type of marketing truly is. On short, affiliate marketing works with affiliate programs that generate leads and sales and which are usually free to join. Signing up for such a program will mean receiving a unique affiliate ID and link. You will then have to use the respective link to promote the respective products or services.

Every time someone will buy the product or service you are promoting, you will earn a certain commission called an affiliate commission whose value varies from program to program. If you are considering becoming an affiliate marketer in order to promote someone else’s products or services, you will need to keep a few rules in mind.    


How To Choose The Best Affiliate Program

Pick a program that sells something you are genuinely familiar with. There is no point in trying to sell a product you have never used in your life. You will have a hard time convincing others of its utility, usefulness, or superior features as compared to similar products on the markets. The more persuasive, yet open and honest you are, the more leads and sales will you generate and hence collect more commissions.

Do you research and choose the best affiliate programs you can find. Read reviews, pick the brains of people you know and who have already tested some of them, look at the conversion rates. Look for a rate of 5%, which can be translated though “out of every 100 visitors that land on the company’s/webmaster’s site, 5 will order the product/service you are promoting”. Carefully analyze the content of the sales letter that the respective company or webmaster is currently using. Decide if it is complete or compelling enough to generate sales. Once you come across the ideal program and once you can find the most suitable product you feel comfortable working with during you marketing campaign, join the program. Keep in mind you need to search for a program offering a commission that compounds itself on a monthly basis, as you manage to refer more customers.  


Promote The Product/Service The Right Way

You can use your own website or blog or create completely new ones for your affiliate marketing campaign’s purposes. Many excellent and highly versatile website builders are free of charge and you can use them to your best interest. Add the social media add-ons and sharing links and buttons, photo galleries and videos presenting the products – the more personalized and the more custom-made, the better. You can add relevant links to your articles and make sure you create fully relevant, informative, useful content so you can bond with your readers, visitors, and potential buyers.       

Learn how to successfully drive targeted traffic to this website or blog you created. Use Pay Per Click marketing tools and programs like Google Adwords and place bids on the highest ranking keywords of your choice. Use forum message posting, article marketing, YouTube and other social media tools to promote your business. The casino affiliate program you can find with the people at AffPower will definitely wink at casino passionate looking for a way to make an extra buck. Choose your favorite casino brands and take advantage of the limited-time 45% lifetime revenue share deal!  

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