About Photosmith

The iPad is a beautiful device. It’s a great size, gorgeous screen, portable, and has an app for everything. Well… almost everything.

We’re a couple of guys who are “serious hobbyists” when it comes to photography. While we’re not true professionals, we enjoy using professional gear, tools, and software. Adobe’s Lightroom has arguably been the best software for photographers released in years, allowing easy management of hundreds or thousands of images. And with the latest breed of digital SLR’s, creating that many pictures is as simple as clicking the shutter release button.

However, while Apple has the Photos application on the iPad and the ability to import from the camera using the Camera Connection Kit, it’s simply insufficient to manage your photos on the go.  Wouldn’t you love to do at least some the same tagging, sorting, rating, etc, like you do in Lightroom, and then have those settings follow the images as they are imported into Lightroom?

And that’s exactly what Photosmith does. It’s not a replacement for Lightroom- it’s a travel-sized companion. It simply allows the same stuff to happen on your iPad, before you get back to your desk. And it does this without iTunes, and works on PC and Mac versions of Lightroom. You can maintain your same RAW workflow from beginning to end, using your iPad in the field. View (even 1:1 zoom) and organize your pictures in the field; use Lightroom at your main PC – it’s the best of both worlds.

Photosmith 1.0 has been sent to Apple for approval, and will be available in the App Store around the end of April, 2011. This blog is intended to keep anyone interested up to date on our latest happenings, musings, and general news related to the app.

If you have comments, please let us know- we really want to know what people want! Feel free to send an email to support (at) photosmithapp.com or visit http://support.photosmithapp.com