October 15, 2015

As of today, we are officially announcing the discontinuation of development on Photosmith, the first iPad application to enable a mobile RAW workflow for photographers using Adobe Lightroom.

The app will remain in the iPad App Store so that existing customers can download it to their new devices and it will remain available to purchase at a modest price, as it is still compatible with the current versions of iOS and Lightroom, is still capable of receiving files wirelessly via EyeFi, FTP and several proprietary WiFi grips, and still supports RAW files from 30 camera manufacturers.

However, we are ending development and customer support, effectively marking the end of Photosmith’s application lifecycle.

In the spirit of openness and in appreciation of our customers and supporters, Photosmith’s developers Chris Horne and Chris Morse have posted an overview of the app’s development history, as well as a variety of statistics on the financials and use of the app.

We’d like to thank our customers, our fellow photographers, our attentive beta testers, collaborators and partners, and of course our patient and understanding families, for all their invaluable support and enthusiasm.

- The Photosmith Team.

Further reading:
All good things” – Chris Horne’s historical overview of Photosmith’s inception and development.
Going out with a bang” – Chris Morse’s review of Photosmith’s economics and use history, with informative graphs and stats.

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