If you have invested a lot of money in your beloved cameras, and you have a huge passion for photography that is also incidentally your main source of living, the last thing you want to do is have them stolen from you. And your digital camera is not the only precious device that is going to need your full attention in terms of safety; tablets, smartphones or laptops that have cost you a small fortune and which you need to use to do your work or promote your business also need careful consideration in terms of protection. If you wish to know how to improve the security measures keeping your portable kit safe, read on.

The Loss Can Be Devastatingauthorizedlocksmiths.com installs safe locks

This is why you will need to do everything in your power to be proactive and prevent it. The memory cards you have in your phone or camera are most likely storing your most important work and projects, so giving a little more thought to the security of these cards is imperative. They might be tiny, but they might leave you without your precious portfolios or clients. So keep in mind while you can – with some effort – replace your physical gadgets and devices – it will be almost impossible to replace the data stored on them. Here is some practical advice on how to protect your devices more effectively.

Reinforce Your Doors And Windows

This will help you gain some peace of mind knowing that at least when you are inside, your digital camera and laptops are somewhat safe. Get in touch with a professional locksmith if you have zero experience with locks and security cameras. Have a residential locksmith in your vicinity present to you the main types of grade 2 or grade 1 locks, their particularities, advantages, and weak points, so you can pick the best ones for your needs. They will also let you know which locks you are legally allowed to install and which might security systems might help you get some discounts for your insurance premium. You can check out this link here https://www.authorizedlocksmiths.com/commercial and find out what other locksmith services you could opt for: lock rekey for your existing locks, new lock installation, including winwod and garage locks, lock repair/maintenance, key cutting, including master keys, safe or cabinet lock installation, emergency lockouts, the installation of security systems and so on. Only opt for local, licensed and experienced locksmiths who are insured/bonded; in case something goes wrong during the process, they will have the damage covered.

Buy Anti-theft Accessories

There are products that can help you prevent your camera from being stolen, while others will boost the shots of having it returned to you, the rightful owner, it case it does get stolen. For a maximum level of safety, you should use both types. If your laptop has a Kensington socket, it means you can use it for steel cables and lock them into this socket and secure them around a desk using a padlock or a combo lock. You can also go to a hardware store and find a compatible security cable.

A safe you can install inside your house will also do a good job at protecting your valuable devices, but you can also use a safe you can install inside your car; this is a lockable box that can be anchored inside the vehicle to the car boot. Remember to mark your kits and cameras for simpler recognition in case they get stolen.


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