The Road Behind Us

What was supposed to be a 3 month update ended up being an 8 month complete overhaul.  We knew what had to be done, but didn’t know the full extent of what that would entail. Version 2 of Photosmith was built on a foundation that just couldn’t support the stability and flexibility that serious photographers need, and it suffered a number of issues because of that. And while we could work around some of these issues, making some major changes was unavoidable.

And boy did we make some major changes. In fact, the new version is a completely new app under the hood. We left the interface mostly unchanged and focused on the workflow – that is, after all, why people use the app. Our goal was simple – we wanted the app to be crash-free. And work flawlessly. Oh yeah- and be fast. And work on iPad 1′s. And handle dozens of camera formats. And, And, And…

Photosmith 3

And finally… we’re here. This “update” moves away from the scanning of the Photos album and moved to an import model, where your files are stored directly in the app’s sandbox. This opens up a huge number of workflow possibilities – direct import, delete, direct upload / download, and much more.

There’s a lot of new and/or updated features in the app. Without much introduction, here’s a pretty complete list of what was added.

  • Faster, stable. Much of the core of the app has been rewritten or updated to provide more stability. Key areas have been optimized for speed
  • Images import directly into the app. No more “polluting” the Camera Roll
  • Can now import from:
    • Photos app by copying directly into the app or by linking back
    • FTP upload – using desktop, camera grip, or other device
    • EyeFi cards – now stable over hundreds or thousands of uploads
    • iTunes direct file uploads, with support for XMP sidecar import
    • PhotoCopy to import and export to other apps such as ShutterSnitch (ShutterSnitch support still pending app store release)
  • Import, convert, and delete dialogs provide current and estimated size information for photos
  • Ability to convert between images that have been copied from the Photos app and linked
  • Moved all raw processing internally, for speed and consistency
    • Read in star rating from cameras that support writing it directly into the images
    • Timezone support for cameras that support it
    • Better support for larger images. Images up to 12,000×12,000 pixels have been tested (iPad 3+ is recommended for very large images)
    • Additional support for XMP-embedded keywords
  • Sync updates / optimizations
    • Much faster sync and resync
    • Sync now operates without blocking access to the app. You can continue to view and manage your photos while the sync is in progress
    • Lightroom continues to sync in the background if already in progress (still subject to iOS’s 10 minute limit)
    • FTP and EyeFi continues to receive in background, with iOS notifications (also subject to iOS 10 min limits)
    • Removing from collection and syncing those removals back to Lightroom is now supported
    • Fixed several logic bugs in keyword sync related to advanced hierarchies
    • Updating the exposure, cropping, etc, to an image in Lightroom will cause the new image to be updated in Photosmith
    • Additional pre-checks for starting a sync from Photosmith
    • Fixes to sync protocol erroneously stripping spaces in keywords and collections
  • Faster grid scrolling
  • Exception tracker/error reporter to show problems while importing or processing photos
  • Much faster app launch
  • Added ability to download originals directly from app using FTP client, iTunes, or a program such as iExplorer
  • Added ability to delete photos from within the app (images linked to cannot be deleted, per iOS restrictions)
  • Last selected photo saved for each collection; makes sorting much faster
  • Loupe header now shows photo source and additional sync information
  • Loupe view zoom percent updated in real-time
  • Updated Export functionality
    • Export to Facebook now uses updated Facebook image size allowance
    • Export to Dropbox updated so that XMP can be uploaded without exporting the image
    • Selected export options now watches currently selected images or allows exporting current image in Loupe view
    • Export XMP data for all selected photos to a separate folder
    • Added support for Photo Album export of GPS coordinates
  • Increased metadata text field sizes from 250 to 500 characters
  • Changing and creating new collections is now much faster
  • Can now tap on the entire smart group header to select all the images in that smart group
  • Smart Group settings are now remembered for each collection

A lot of small things were also tweaked throughout the app to make things work or make them better, or to better support ongoing development.


Many of our users are detail geeks like us, so here are some interesting stats for this update:

  • Photosmith source:
    • 394,000 lines of code (about half native to Photosmith / half from 3rd party libraries (which we frequently have to debug))
    • 128 different .xibs (aka “views” or “windows”) throughout the app
    • 933 custom images used for the app itself
  • Testing:
    • 32 testers (beta + internal)
    • 39,189 minutes of app time during testing
    • 14,579 app sessions
    • Average app session length: 5 min 40 sec
  • 250 days of development
  • Only 1 hospital trip due to exhaustion in this version :)

Big Thanks to our Beta Testers!

We couldn’t have done this without our testers. For those paying close attention above – we had over 39,000 minutes – that’s 653 hours – of total time on the app over the last few versions.  I’m not sure we even played Angry Birds that much when it first came out. And that’s why we owe so much to our testers – they used the app in ways we didn’t expect and pushed it far beyond what we could have imagined.

And without further ado, I’d like to publicly thank all the testers who volunteered their time (last names abbreviated unless otherwise given permission):

  • Adrian R
  • Alan B
  • Andy Franck
  • Claude F
  • Claudio
  • Gilles T
  • Jason B
  • Jeff C
  • Joe Rogers
  • JT Pedersen
  • Justin K
  • Kyle D. Jackson
  • Lewis C
  • Mark Stern
  • Nicholas B
  • Paul T
  • Pete Ozols
  • Phil F
  • Sean M
  • Stefan M
  • Sunny A
  • Tomas H
  • Tomas P
  • Vladimir M
  • Zack C

Again – a huge thanks goes out to these fine ladies and gentlemen for volunteering their time to make the app better. Some were able to donate more of their time than others, but in the end, it’s all valuable data that goes to making a better app.

Also a big thanks to everyone here on this blog who has been supportive and encouraging through this process. This is a labor of love, and our community means a lot to us. A couple of people have even purchased additional copies of the app to help support us; to those people, we are humbled and grateful for your generous support!

Current Status

Update (June 11, 2013 @ 11:30pm EST) – Photosmith 3 is now publicly available for download! Update through your iPad or download directly from

It may take up to 12 hours to propagate around the world, so please be patient. Also- you’ll need the latest version of the plugin (, which, incidentally,  now supports Lightroom 5 and Smart Previews. :)

P.S. Yes. It’s a free update for all users. 

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62 Responses to “Photosmith 3 – Now public!”

  1. Brian Wong says:

    Yay! Super-excited! Here’s to hoping you pass through Cupertino with flying colors!

  2. Al says:


  3. Amit says:

    Hi guys,

    Really looking forward to this. Quick question – will photosmith 3 support LR5?


    • Chris Horne says:

      Of course. The final release just came out, so please give us a few days to find and fix any possible versioning issues.

      We’re still looking into the smart previews – Adobe hasn’t published any specs yet…

  4. Hamish Niven says:

    looking forward to seeing the beastie, thanks for all the hard work

  5. Henrik says:

    Great! Really looking forward to this release. I have had Photosmith for a long time now, but really never used it mostly due to it’s usage of the Camera roll. So now I am very excited!

  6. Willy van D. says:

    Wow! Just as I had almost given up on PhotoSmith (the basic idea behind it is great, but the numerous crashes of the app drove me close to insanity and kept me from really incorporating it into my workflow). The new features and improvements really sound great, I can’t wait to try it.
    But: I do feel some reserves towards PhotoSmith now, due to the experiences of the past. So for me, version 3.0 should do the trick, it will be my final attempt with this app. I’ve been trying PhotoSmith since about day one, I never got it to perform the way it was expected to. So… I’ll give it a fair try as soon as it’s there. If by then it still doesn’t perform steadily, well then it’s sorry for Photosmith and sorry for my time and money and I guess I’ll just have to forget about it…..

    • Chris Morse says:

      We understand completely and really appreciate you hanging on for so long with us. That’s more than we can ask.

      I believe you will not be disappointed.

  7. Maxime Bourassa says:

    Really looking forward to this update. I am a bit worried about the omission of any reference to the Seagate Wireless Plus drives in the above features list. Do you have any news about this?

    I’m just back from a trip to the UK, and after having experienced life with a CF card larger than my iPad trying to backup my photos to the drive via the Photos app & USB camera adapter, I can say that this workflow is quite cumbersome.

    • Chris Horne says:

      We had the decision of including it in this release and delaying another month or two or focusing on the core functionality and extending it after release. Since the core functionality affects everyone, we chose that route. Something had to get cut, and the Seagate drive didn’t make it in this release.

      While I can’t say what our plans are going forward, rest assured that still squarely in our sights. Yes, the code to export to the GoFlex drive was mostly working, but we want better integration with the workflow. We haven’t forgotten about it – I promise.

      • Maxime Bourassa says:

        Chris, thanks for the heads up. I think you made the right choice. I sure hope that support for the Wireless Plus (and possibly GoFlex) remain on your road map for the no-too-distant future. If I can help with some beta-testing later please feel free to contact me, I’ll be glad to help.

  8. David says:

    Congratulations on getting to this stage and thank you for all your hard work. Let’s hope Apple doesn’t raise any queries on the app, and passes it straight through to the App Store!

  9. Alex says:

    Hi. Just wondering if the price of the version 3 will be the same as the current version, i.e. $19.99.

  10. Bob says:

    Wow, Lightroom 5 and Photosmith 3 in the same month. Must be Christmas. Thanks for all the hard work guys.

  11. Chris Horne says:

    I just wanted to leave a comment so that everyone monitoring would get an update – Photosmith 3 is now publicly available.

  12. Jarno Pelkonen says:

    Wonderful news!! I bought the previous version last all to support you guys in update effort that I expected to be huge. Good rule in SW development is to multiply early effort estimates with Pi.

    I am super excited! If just I had taken my iPad Camera Connection kit with me on travel…

  13. Gautam says:

    I am excited with this update. Have had Photosmith since v.1 but never got it in my workflow on a regular basis. This was primarily due to having to go through the camera roll and not able to delete directly, etc. Hope I can use it on a regular basis.
    I did not see the list of cameras supported. Does it now support Leica M9 DNG files so that I do not have to shoot DNG+JPG and import both together eating my little diskspace in iPad3 64GB.

  14. Howard says:

    Is it possible to use Photosmith to backup RAW images on the iPad to an external device?
    The internal storage on the iPad will soon fill up, so need a way to backup and erase images while travelling.

  15. Jean-Louis says:

    I just make some quick test and you seems to have made some really nice work ! Do you have a plan to add Google+ export ?

  16. Saul says:

    So, Photosmith 3. First crash.
    I just tested a new feature, ‘Link’ photos from Photos app vs. ‘Copy’ on import into PSth (sadly, why not moving?)
    So, that was a workflow:
    1. Import photo to PSth by linking.
    2. Delete photo from Photos app.
    3. Sync with Lightroom.
    4. Errors starting to appear…
    5. The number of errors growing…
    6. Photosmith 3. Crash.
    7. Error message in Lightroom “Cannot update… (+ a lot of strange signs)”

    Specs: iPad 4, LR5

    Why the link is still in PSth after deleting linked photo from Photos app after all? I really didn’t get the idea of this ‘link’ option. Firstly, I need to delete a photo in either apps to completely remove it from iPad after import to PSth (same as with the ‘Copy’ option, right?). Secondly, if I sync a photo after import to PSth (either way, ‘Link’ or ‘Copy’) with LR it then gets a size that is set in LR plugin LR->PSth Image Options panel. What’s the point? Or am I missing something?..

    I think maybe some in app restrictions could help in such situations?!

    No matter how strange the workflow can be I REALLY don’t want to see Photosmith crashing anymore. Please.
    It’s a pity you didn’t let to test a beta version of Photosmith 3 more publicly :(

    • Chris Horne says:


      “Link” is still associated with, and thus is still the most likely place for a crash when the images are accessed. Sync accesses those images (or tries, in the case of deleted linked images). Enough of those, and iOS will come crashing down. This is why we moved away from the link model.

      As to why Photosmith can’t detect when a photo has been removed from – it would require a 1- 2 second pause each and every time you opened up an image, and re-open the crashing can of worms. iOS’s is just that unstable. What we do is detect the delete situation during sync and try to keep happy. Yes, it’s shameful that Apple doesn’t seem to care about instability – we’ve filed numerous bugs, talked to a number of Apple engineers, and still, even as of iOS 7, there’s no updates.

      My suggestion would be to try “Copy” instead of link, thereby moving the pictures into the app’s sandbox – then you’re free to delete from as needed.

      The plugin’s size option is for size of the images moved from Lightroom into Photosmith. It has no effect when images you’ve already imported into Photosmith.

      We would *love* to do a public beta before release. Apple gives us a limited number of licenses that we can use for testing; they simply don’t allow public beta. We agree- it’s a shame and it’s something that frustrates us deeply.

      Again, please try to either a) not delete your linked images that you’re about to sync and/or b) try the Copy method if you want to delete from If you continue to have problems, please contact us at so we can address it.

    • Al says:

      Chris- I can only empathize with you regarding Apple and! It’s a real shame that they have not shown any real improvement to the iOS regarding the operation of the Photo app since v1. I was having a problem with import this morning. EVERYTHING TO DO WITH! Eventually, deleted all photos in Camera Roll. Deleted Photosmith. Shut down iPad. Started up again. Reloaded Photosmith and have been moving along with testing without issue so far. My hat off to you guys to develop an amazing app while working under Apple imposed limitations. So far I’m extremely impressed with the sandbox approach you have taken with this upgrade. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  17. Mark says:

    Congratulations to the whole team! My catalog is updating as I type and I can’t wait to start photographing wirelessly with Photosmith 3 later today.

  18. Brian Wong says:

    Just downloaded and doing my first import of 98 photos. There was some sort of error when it “upgraded” my database, but I’m not super concerned about it because those photos were probably 6 months old–the last time I used Photosmith.

  19. Brian Wong says:

    I think we have a winner guys. Just a few minutes of using 3.0, and we’re lightyears ahead of where 2.2.2 was!

    One weird bug was that during sync, it transferred all of my photos, except the first one. (Off by one error?) I did a second sync, and it was added just fine.

    But I’m off and running, and pretty happy so far! Nice work.

  20. Brad Balfour says:

    @Chris… glad to hear that the function I’ve been waiting for is now here in v3.0 (mark as rejected and delete right on the iPad). I hope this will mean I can now go on vacation and import from Photosmith rather than the into LR5.

    One question is about the workflow using the SD card reader attached to my iPad 1. I didn’t see that listed on the import devices in the blog post.

    What’s the expected workflow for an SD card and the card reader and Photosmith out in the field?

    • Chris Horne says:


      We can’t support import from the SD card (or camera) directly – it’s simply not allowed by iOS – no apps can gain access to the camera connection kit directly.

      So… the workflow is:

      - Plugin in the SD card (or USB cable into the camera)
      - will open and allow you to select which pictures to import. Select and import (into
      - Open Photosmith. Here, you can import any picture from – either by linking back to the original or by copying that original into Photosmith
      - If you copy the pictures, then you can delete the originals, and work with them in Photosmith (including delete as needed).

      No, it’s not ideal; in fact, it’s downright frustrating. We’ve requested SD/USB access multiple times, at multiple levels to Apple. They listen to the users that speak the loudest, so we encourage all who want to see this access granted in iOS to give feedback here:

      Until then, you’ll need to use to ingest your pics first.

      • Al says:

        Chris- can you explain import from Eye-Fi card with respect to direct import into Photosmith. The following quote appears as the last sentence in the Help section for Import from Eye-Fi (granted for v2).

        “Your Eye-Fi card is now configured to wirelessly send photos from your camera to Photosmith.”

        Am I wrong to expect that by following the instructions in this section, photos will be sent DIRECTLY TO Photosmith AND thereby bypass the Photo app and Camera Roll.

        • Mike Wren says:

          Hey Al, stepping in for Chris here – Yes, in Photosmith 3, photos sent wireless via Eye-Fi (and now FTP) are imported directly into Photosmith’s secure storage space, completely bypassing Apple’s Camera Roll. It’s a beautiful thing.

      • David says:

        Does the photos app import RAW files (and can they then be imported into Lightroom?) if so, then although the process is frustrating, at least it’s possible to achieve the end result of importing RAWs from a camera directly into Photosmith without going through Lightroom first.

  21. Chris says:

    Looking good so far!

    Conversion seemed painless.

    I have permanently deleted ~160 of the 180 shots I took Sunday, and am enjoying the vastly improved rendering speed as I view the remainder score and tag.

    By the time I upload to Lightroom, most of the work will be done (which is exactly what I wanted). Thanks for your dedication to your product!

  22. Henry Li says:

    Does Photosmith 3 support Leica M9 when both the DNG+JPG are loaded? I have used Photosmith since version 1 and, unlike many people, actually preferred the limited functionality of version 1, since it did exactly what I needed it to do, namely sort and rate photos in the field or on the flight home so that I would just need to convert from RAW the desired photos once back at home. In converting my Photosmith catalog (containing mostly Leica M9 DNG+JPG and a handful of Canon 5D mk1) from version 2 to version 3, I encountered a number of problems with photos that seemed to be unreadable, and the Allphoto collection swelled to nearly 3 times its original size. I ended up deleting Photosmith ( and thereby losing all the metadata on recent photos that had not been sync’d to LR yet) and reinstalling Photosmith 3. I then imported the photos into PS3. The 45 or so Canon 5D RAW photos imported without difficulty, and I could view them on the full screen mode without difficulty. A batch of 25 Leica M9 photos, did not import properly at all. Of the remaining ~200 M9 photos, which seemed to have imported as DNG+JPG, they appear normally on the grid view. However, when I select one to view in the loupe or fullscreen mode, only the thumbnail would show up for a few seconds ( even though the filename is listed as Lxxxxxxx.dng+jpg but with thumbnail sized dimensions) then the entire app would crash (ipad main icon screen would appear). I would then completely exit from PS then restart the app. Once I select a M9 photo to be view in the loupe or fullscreen modes, the same thing would occur, regardless of which M9 photo was chosen – the thumbnail alone would display for a few seconds then the app would crash! These are same M9 photos stored in my ipad’s that would display and enlarge properly in Photosmith v2. Did any of your beta testers use Leica M9 DNG+JPG files? I have an ipad 2 with 64 GB storage. No other apps were running in the background during the aforementioned tests. I have had more Photosmith crashes tonight than I ever did with version 1 and perhaps version 2. Thanks.

    • Chris Horne says:

      Good morning Henry – we just heard from another Leica M9 owner last night via with a similar issue. It appears that we’re not doing at least two of three things in this scenario:

      1) Not rendering DNG files from Leica M9 correctly (obviously)
      2) Not gracefully falling back to the JPG pair after #1
      3) Not gracefully catching conditions #1 & #2 and preventing app crash.

      Note that the error message is displayed and the app remains stable if M9 DNG files are imported via FTP or Eye-Fi, so this is something specific to Camera Roll / iPad Albums re: #2 & #3.

      We’re looking into this and it will be fixed in bugfix release v3.0.1.

      [Edit: I typed in the support site incorrectly originally - it's now fixed]

      • Henry Li says:

        Thanks for your quick reply regarding the problem with Leica M9 DNG+JPG photos. I look forward to bugfix version 3.0.1.

  23. Diane says:


    Really excited to see this update. Hopefully I’ve submitted a support call, but not sure if it got sent. I hope this is a really dumb question, but..

    I deleted everything out of my converted database, figured a fresh start was a good idea as I stopped using it ages ago because of the instability issues. Exported 300 odd photos out of LR3 to PS app to sit down and reject the ones that need to go. Export was absolutely fine.
    Did a few then went to sync from the ipad, and no sync button against the LR sync bit in the app! How do I initiate a sync?! I have nothing in the publish service on the PC either, so I’m really confused as to what to do next :-(

    So far, the simple task of scrolling through photos is much better, so I’m really hopeful we’re finally at something I will really want to use!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Chris Horne says:


      An email to is your best bet for one-on-one help.

      In the meantime- We removed the sync button from the app in the All Photos collection because it created too many logical inconsistencies. You have a couple options:

      - Setup Publish Services within Lightroom and use published collections to keep things in sync. This allows you to sync directly from a publish collection from either Lightroom (by right clicking on the collection and selecting “Sync this collection with Photosmith”) or within Photosmith (by opening up the collection drawer).
      - Alternatively, you can re-use the Export functionality. It may sound odd at first, but if you re-export the items you’ve exported, the sync will figure out that the images are already there, and all the sync rules will then apply. In other words, you can view Lightroom Export as a alternative way to sync.

      The last method is what I personally use for quickly getting pictures to my iPad and the metadata back from Lightroom. Just export once to get them over, and export them again to get the metadata to come back.

      It’s a shame we can’t change the Lightroom “Export” text to say “Sync”… it’d be much more intuitive….

      • David says:


        Thanks for the quick reply. And I’d like to add my word of congratulations on getting this app out – it is light years ahead of versions 1 and 2, and is the first Photosmith which delivers what I hoped for. I have sorted through a couple of hundred photos on a train journey to work, and synced them back to Lightroom without a hitch. It has literally saved me an hour’s time (not bad for the first day!)

        But on syncing, I agree with Diane – please could we have the sync button back on the “all photos” drawer? Otherwise it’s necessary to sync each collection individually (and sequentially because it doesn’t seem possible to sync more than one collection at a time).


        • Diane says:

          Yes I think sync on all photos is actually logical.
          I export to the iPad from LR, then sit on my couch updating the metadata, and want to hit sync from the couch. It’s counter intuitive to have to force these into a collection to do this, otherwise it’s back to the PC to update from there.

  24. krisk says:

    Does the wireless import (eye-Fi) also work for cameras with other wireless capabilities built in, specifically the Canon 6D?

    • Mike Wren says:

      Eye-Fi is a specific wireless service that works only for older Eye-Fi cards (not the new Eye-Fi Mobi).

      The 6D uses a different wireless method of transferring photos, which is high on our list to include in a future update.

  25. Bob says:

    I see were the LR plugin now supports Smart Previews. My only question is what is the plugin doing with the smart previews. I haven’t found any reference to them in the plugin.

    BTW, so far go good on PS3 after some initial glitches.

    • Mike Wren says:

      Not sure I follow, Bob. The plugin renders the Smart Previews as JPG files sized to the specs defined in your plugin preferences, just as if the source files were online.

      Thanks, glad to hear it’s mostly smooth sailing. Please give a holler to if you run into any issues.

      • Bob says:

        Thanks Mike,

        I should have given you more info. I am on a Mac and PS2 used the Library Previews to make the rendering of the JPG files faster but you had to use Exiftool. Otherwise it rendered from the RAW. Does it now render from the Smart Previews if you have the created and is Exiftool still required on the Mac?

        • Chris Horne says:

          ExifTool is not currently required (and the plugin has been updated to not look for it). Lightroom 5 is still new to us, and we’re still doing testing to see how much support we can give for Smart Previews.

          At the moment, we’re compatible with LR5 (ie- eveything seems to work fine), but there’s still some verification and some digging to see how things will work in every situation.

  26. Luke Sleeman says:

    Congratulations on the 3.0 release! We have all been waiting on this one for a long time and I am sure it will not disappoint! An app like this is absolutely essential as it allows you to organise your photos out on the go – really important for those of us with 40,000k un-organised pics sitting in their LR catalog :-)

  27. Rob says:

    Well congrats on photosmith 3. It would however be useful if there was more information on how to use it.

    1) I see no way of deleting the photos within the App
    2) Lightroom has no sync button within the App although the App can be synced within Lightroom.
    3) The support link from the website doesnt work.

    • Diane says:

      Delete by long pressing the red X.
      You have to export the JPGS across to PSth, if you read up to my comment earlier, but it’s not immediately obvious! Or publish a collection.

      I echo the sentiment about documentation though. I hope the support website gets updated soon.

    • Chris Horne says:

      Hi Rob- Thanks for the feedback. As for your three items:

      1) As Diane said, hold down the red X – the reject button – for the delete dialog. It was mentioned in both the welcome wizard on first startup, but it may not be apparent enough. It is purposefully difficult to get to because Delete is a pretty destructive process.
      2) As Diane said, currently, you need to use Publish Services (and thus a collection) to sync back from the iPad itself. Based on user feedback, we’re working on ideas now to make this easier.
      3) My apologies- I typed in the incorrect address in a comment above. The correct address is

      Alternatively, the link in the header also works.

      • Rob says:

        Ok I have just about worked everything out now but it really isnt intuitive. I say that as a user that has spent more time on this app then any other app and even read a Kindle e-book on it. My workflow OMD- eye-fi – jpeg – ipad – wifi – Lightroom – raw is complicated enough without the user interface being unintuitive.

        Let me give you 2 examples…
        I had trouble deleting photos in app. Now your response is that you kept it fairly difficult to find because ‘deletion is destructive’. Now I totally disagree. If I have sorted my files and synced them with LR, and then I go to my ‘rejected photos’ deleting them would actually seem the most ‘obvious’ and ‘constructive’ action bearing in mind they have been ‘rejected’.

        And to delete those photos…
        (1) Is still very convoluted – ‘pressing the x long time’ and then ‘selection of the photos’ and then deletion.
        (2) If I press the -> the only thing it tells me is how to delete the photos off my ipad.

        And really the same goes for syncing with LR. Pull out the -> and it tells you to be have the app open, LR open, connected to the same network but it still doesnt tell you how to sync your photos.

        Having said all that 1) the app now seems stable and to work properly and 2) the usability has increased a lot with in app deletion.

        You have however made the app even more ‘functional’ read ‘complicated’ than before.

        • Chris Horne says:

          We’re always balancing functionality with design, usability, and available screen space, and don’t always get it right. We got good feedback from our beta testers and applied it during testing, but that doesn’t mean everything works for everyone.

          Thanks for the feedback – we’ll do our best to incorporate everyone’s feedback in updates going forward.

        • Chris says:

          Another user’s perspective…

          It did take me few minutes to get to grips with delete process, but now I have and I’m all set. It seems reasonably intuitive to me for relatively powerful complex software, and definitely more intuitive than the native Photos app (e.g. 2 finger swipe to select multiple photos for deletion?! – the only place I’ve seen that explained is in the Photosmith knowledge base!)

          Still having a few issues with syncing at the moment but I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to work through those with support. The core of the new functionality and updated user interface is a winner for me :)

  28. Andreas Stephan says:

    First of all thank you for your effort and making a big improvement with Ver. 3.
    Unfortunately I have massive problems with the new version.
    While in Full Screen Mode and rating my pictures every 20-30 pictures the app is freezing an I have to start Photosmith over and over again. Any solution?


    • Chris Horne says:


      Thanks for reaching out to us. We haven’t had this reported, but it could be something going on with the Fullscreen mode. Try rating in Loupe and see if the same thing happens.

      Please open a support ticket at so we can contact you directly.

  29. Dave says:

    Just did a bit of testing of the new release, and it looks great! Scrolling between photos is silky smooth; the jerkyness of the previous release is a thing of the past.

    The feature I would love to see the most would be to directly import from an SD card or USB-connected camera (using Apple’s connection kit) directly into Photosmith’s memory, completely bypassing the camera roll. Maybe Apple would let you into their MFi program (in return for all the grief iOS has given you), so you could get the technical info to do this.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Chris Horne says:

      Great! I worked for a good two weeks on trying to get the scrolling as smooth as possible – I’m glad it’s working well for you. :)

      As for the direct import…. we couldn’t agree more. Over the past couple years we’ve:
      - Submitted multiple feature requests using Apple’s system; they’ve been “accepted” (as legitimate requests) but not resolved
      - Talked to several Apple engineers about the possibility
      - Talked to the Apple developer relations manager for photography apps
      - Talked to Apple about the MFI program. We don’t have the capital or manufacturing process in place that they require. Even if we did, Apple wouldn’t approve it because it’s too close to an Apple product (the CCK).

      At this point, we really don’t know what to do. We feel it’d be a huge boost to the iPad’s capability in the Photography world, but we’re a very small fish in a big pond.

      The only thing we can do is encourage our users to submit feedback to Apple ( ) and request that Apple add support for iOS developers to read images off the camera through the CCK.

  30. Brad says:

    Had Photosmith since v1 but gave up a while ago. Trying again as v3 seems to address most of the issues that I had.

    I know you guys have been working your tails off, but I am afraid that you really need to take get your documentation updated or you are going to lose new users. The product, while easy to use once you get the hang of it, is not intuitive in some ways (starting a sync, deleting photos are examples) and searching the current docs is a dicey prospect as many of them seem to be for v1 or v2.

    • Mike Wren says:

      It’s a top priority, Brad – I’m splitting time between helping out new users one-on-one at support@, rewriting the docs, and lining up the remaining bugs to be addressed in v3.0.1 by the Chris’ and Nico.

      The Photosmith 1 docs are kept online for posterity; the Photosmith 2 docs are by-and-large still applicable to Photosmith 3. Work will continue into the weekend on detangling the Knowledge Base articles, and wrap up production of the comprehensive user guide PDF. Things should start moving rather rapidly on the docs so I can move on to other stuff – it’s forecasted to be a gorgeous weekend in the northeast United States, and I’d rather be out snapping pics. :)

      • Brad says:

        Thanks Mike, glad to hear this is in progress. I really want you guys to be successful.

      • Bob says:

        After a week+ of playing with v3 I think you have a winner. Been using since V1 and this is definitely the BEST. Looking forward to the User Guide PDF.