Update! Proving that Photosmith users are the smartest and best around we’ve received nearly 30 very well qualified volunteers! Thank you so much for that! We’ll set up the ‘winners’ this week and get this party started.

Well, we’re finally there! At last we’re ready to officially start the beta program!  But fear not, this doesn’t mean we are still a long way away from release (we hope) like in past cycles…

In the past we started betas too early and wasted our tester’s time with crap builds and thus didn’t get very good test coverage at the end when we really needed it. So we resolved to do better this time:

So what we’re doing differently this time is wait until we are 99.5% there to start the beta. We think this build is really close to being an actual release candidate.

So… we are asking you, dear readers, for 10 volunteers to help us really work the app over hard and smash it to bits to make sure it’s really as solid as we think it is..  To be clear, this isn’t a chance to play with new goodies for free like our Adobe brethren are able to do. No, we are asking for volunteers dedicated to helping make sure this app works no matter how crazy your workflow is.

Your contributions will decide if tens of thousands of photographers the world over will keep or lose their most precious pictures.  This is not an assignment for the flippant…

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:

  1. Jump through the hoops Apple makes us go through to enroll iPad test devices (TestFlight makes this as easy as possible but it’s still a bit of a hassle)
  2. Import, Export, and Sync your precious pictures with Photosmith and test and verify 1,000,000% that everything worked perfectly
  3. Delete them and test again
  4. Repeat #2 & 3 a few more times
  5. Report back to us detailed testing results. (How many files you tested, how you verified the files, any problems encountered, etc.)

To be blunt: this is testing that will require a fastidious nature. If you’ve ever muttered the phrase “good enough for government work” this probably isn’t the job for you.

Final requirements:

  • Apple places a strict limit on the total number of devices we can register for testing. This limit only resets once per year so we have to be very picky about who we choose.  Unfortunately, we can’t just take the approach of letting 10,000 folks test and hope we covered it all. Besides, managing that many people is impractical.  So, we’re looking for about 10 folks.
  • A hallmark of this release is it’s flexibility with different workflows. Preference will be given to folks that can test the esoteric stuff (WiFi grips, Eye-Fi, FTP upload, etc.) as well as the traditional Shoot>Download>Import>Tag>Sync or Lightroom>Sync>Tag>Sync workflows
  • The deadline for volunteering is midnight EDT, 28-April, that’s this Sunday.

What’s in it for you?

First and foremost, you’ll have our eternal gratitude.  This is one of those things that we just can’t do properly without community help. Second, if you don’t already have Photosmith we’ll give you a free copy.  Third, you’ll have the thanks and praise of everyone else too. Finally, we’ll thank you publicly as a friend and contributor to Photosmith (optional, if you’re the shy type).

Signup here: Please tell us why you would be a good tester, any previous experience you have with testing, what model iPad you have, what cameras you shoot with, what operating system you run, Lightroom version, and about how many hours you think you can volunteer to testing.

Signup is closed. We are now sorting through the applications and narrowing our selections to a manageable few. Thank you so much for the all of the enthusiastic help!


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8 Responses to “So you like to poke holes in things…”

  1. Zack Cuellar says:

    Experience: iOS beta testing for Comics Chameleon
    iPad model: 4, mini
    Cameras: Olympus OM-D EM-5, Fuji X100S, Canon 5D Mk II, Canon S100
    Operating System: Mac 10.8.3, iOS 6.1.2
    Lightroom: 4.3, 5 beta
    Hours: 10-15/week

    I’ve been shooting for around ten years, though not as a primary source of income for the last couple (moved into consulting). Since I’m on the road five days a week, it had been difficult to get back into things, until I started using Photosmith with my MBA. It’s led to my shooting jumping up five or six-fold, and essentially eliminated chimping. I can’t wait to see the next version, and I hope I don’t have to (for long)!

  2. Thomas Nicholson says:

    I shoot using a Canon 30d and a Sony a200, use osx mountain lion, Lightroom 4.3.

    Hi there I shoot on the move working for a rail company in the UK I upload directly from my camera and am on trains a lot so a lot of myediting, naming, metadata etc would be done on the move too. so the app woud get a lot of use in different scenarios of uploading, wifi syncing direct upload, from Mac upload too for those already shot needing checking etc.


    Thom Nicholson

  3. Vladimir says:

    Experience: LinguaLeo testing, software developer myslf
    iPad model: 4
    Cameras: Nikon D5100, iphone
    Operating System: Win7
    Lightroom: 4.3, 5 beta
    Hours: several per week to process my photos

    I want to use your software in two flows: process photos from existing LR library and by importing fresh photos from SD card by IPad card-reader with following import to LR.

    Also I want to suggest to add basic editing features like crop and rotate. To save it in metadata only and apply on sync. It would be perfect! :)

  4. Tomasz says:

    Experience: working as software developer
    iPad model: 4
    Cameras: Nikon D800
    Operating System: Mac 10.8.3, iOS 6.1.2
    Lightroom: 4.4
    Hours: 10-12/week

    It’s great to have a possibility to pre-process photos before importing them to LR to the “main machine”. When I’m on a trip, airport, plane, etc. it’s really time saver.

  5. Brian says:

    Still rooting for you guys. You’re gonna have some serious competition when this comes out, though: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2013/05/cnet-adobe-to-bring-lightroom-style-photo-editing-to-tablets.html

    • Mike Wren says:

      Glad they decided to join the party! A little competition isn’t a bad thing; can’t wait to see a more polished version what they’re bringing to the table. :)

  6. you guys are doing sterling stuff with the app
    but having just watched an episode 94 of the Grid from scot colby, where Tom Hagarty was hinting very heavily of the Lightroom for Ipad version that was in development, allowing cataloging key word and basic adjustments, i fear you may be arriving at the party too late.
    This would be a huge shame but Adobe have im sure a bigger R&D dept than you guys.
    I truely hope you get to market very soon to get some pay back for al the work that you have put in so far


    • Foto VI says:

      The argument for Photosmith still will be direct sync with LR,
      without the need of cloud service.
      FTP will do that part.

      Now is not the time to look back.
      Fight on, guys!