November 1, 2012

Photosmith v2.2.2 is now available in the App Store. It addresses a couple regression bugs introduced with iOS6 support, including the annoying “images won’t delete” bug. There were one or two small bugs reported by users that were addressed as well.

Official change list:

  • Fixed regression caused by iOS 6 compatibility fixes
  • Fixed many small UI bugs
  • Fixed Bonjour detection of Lightroom
  • Added additional safety checks around Thumbnail retrieval from to prevent crashes


Development continues with new functionality going forward. Stay tuned!

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31 Responses to “Photosmith v2.2.2 Released”

  1. Nalin Shah says:

    Can Photosmith allow me to download canon 5d mark iii raw file from usb card reader to ratina based ipod and then upload to hard disk?

    I will be using ipod to select to pictures I want to upload them to the hard disk.

    Thank you,


    • Mike Wren says:

      Hey Nalin – Yes, Photosmith can absolutely import 5D Mark III camera raw files from the USB card reader (or via off-brand Compact Flash 30 pin card readers). The only caveat here is that Apple forces everyone to use their to do the import. Then from there, depending on how you have Photosmith configured, your newly imported photos either automatically appear in Photosmith, or will appear after you manually import.

      I use this workflow daily, and it works quite well – allowing me to make selects, mark rejects, and add tags all before I land back at my desk. It’s a real timesaver.

  2. Jean-Louis De Pecker says:

    Thanks for the release.

    I still experience a bug which close the app after swap 50-60 pictures.

    Can we expect something about that ?

    (iPad 3 on iOS6)

    • Chris Horne says:

      The reason for the remaining crashes is due to the instability of the Photos app serving up photos to other apps. We’re in the middle of a large update that will change the way pictures are “scanned and included” to a more formal import process. Once we move away from the Photos app as the repository of the pictures, the crashes should pretty much all be fixed.

      However, you still shouldn’t be seeing a crash after only 50-60 pictures. Please contact us from the support page ( /index.php/support/ ) so we can look into it in more depth.

  3. John says:

    Can you explain Apple’s “photo box”, and how to access it?

    • Chris Horne says:

      Are you referring to the Photos app? It’s the Photos application that came with the iPad – the one with a flower on it. It’s the visual representation of the internal Photo library that iOS gives other apps.

      • John says:

        Apple states that imported photos can be deleted from Photo Box as opposed to Camera Roll. I can’t find more detail on Apple’s website. I guess this is a different repository.

        • Chris Morse says:

          Are you referring to PhotoBox? That is an entirely separate 3rd party app not related to Apple or Photosmith.

          From what I can tell of their app description, they copy your photos into their own app so that you can add privacy settings to the photos. For that to work it would still require you to delete the photos from the Camera Roll yourself. (Camera Roll is one of the built-in albums in Apple’s Photos app)

  4. John says:

    Or Photo Box may be created by iPhoto.

  5. John says:

    Apple refers to it as an album called Photo Box.

  6. Lito Prat says:

    images can be passed from lhitgroom 4 and rated from ipad 3 and re-pass the classification to LR again, just use the ipad 3 to show photographs and mark the selected photographs.

    Thank you.

  7. john says:

    Can images be uploaded to my computer/lightroom via usb without the extra step of going through lightroom?

    • Chris Horne says:

      Yes- you can just plugin your computer and download the images directly from the iPad (using Explorer in Windows / Image Capture on Mac). However, there’s no way to get the metadata from the iPad via USB – Apple restricts the apps too much to be able to do that…

  8. Lito Prat says:

    photosmith just bought and I have lightroom plugin installed, my question is: I can spend lightroom photographs to the iPad and select or catalog with the ipad and reload to lightroom with all classification.
    Thanks …..

    • Chris Horne says:

      Hi Lito-

      Yes- you can do exactly what you are describing. You can do this either by Exporting from Lightroom, and then Exporting again to sync the metadata when done, or by setting up a Publish Service with the photos you wish to catalog and syncing when you need to send photos or sync metadata.

      Please feel free to contact us using the Support page if you have any specific questions or need additional help getting going.

      • Lito Prat says:

        Thanks Chris, I just try and exactly what I wanted, I use the ipad for my clients move and select your photos, superb integration with ligtroom greatly facilitated me to my workflow.
        Congratulations to your entire team from Andalusia-Spain-Cadiz
        A greetings.

  9. Don says:

    Please support Fuji RAF files from the X-Pro1 and X100. Having it will make this a must buy for me.

    • Chris Horne says:

      Hi Don-

      Supporting RAF files is tricky – very tricky, actually, due to the internal format of RAF. It’s on our long-term to do list, but unfortunately pretty far down, given the complexity and relatively small number of users requesting it. Don’t give up hope, but I wanted to let you know that it’ll be a while…


  10. Dom says:

    I hope you plan to get rid of the low-res preview that shows up briefly before the normal-res version when you browse photos. I cannot live with it, especially when I want to compare a slight difference between multiple shots.
    Being a developer, I don’t get why it takes so long to switch between photos. It should be almost instant on my iPad3. You definitely must be doing something wrong !
    I’m not a fond of the UI either, especially the look of it and the strong shadow & contrast on buttons. So 90′s.
    Sorry for being harsh, but I’m one of the early adopters and I haven’t seen much of the improvements I expected on this promising app.
    PS: I had left the app aside for a couple months because I could not live with the bugs. I have just reinstalled the latest LR plug-in and the latest and now my iPad cannot see my mac as before (whereas the version is supposed to fix a Bonjour bug!).

    • Chris Horne says:

      Hi Dom-

      The reason for the delay between switching photos is a result of following Apple’s best practices and using the Photos app as the central repository (known through the API as ALAssets). All references for all thumbnail, full screen, and full resolution are made through this library, where Apple hands back the reference and we display. Here’s the kicker: everything in that library runs asynchronously on the main thread. Read that again. It means that anytime the app makes a request, all other threads (UI, database, drawing, etc) must stop and wait on ALAssets to return the image data. This is why we display the thumbnails first (scaled up), and then render the fullscreen (and then the full resolution as you zoom) – thumbnails are a couple thousand bytes, and so the main thread delay is quick enough that you don’t notice; loading the full screen takes longer, and so is delayed until the image is visible. This is a very, very poor design decision on Apple’s part, and is not seen anywhere else in the iOS api’s.

      We’ve finally made the decision to get away from ALAssets completely and move all the images into the app’s sandbox for more control. It’s not a trivial change, and will take a couple months of development to complete. Up though this point, we’ve been focused on getting all the bugs worked out with LR sync, since that is the main feature of the app. Now that that is solid, we’re making the changes necessary for better control of the images themselves.

      As for the app not being able to see your mac- check your network to ensure that bonjour packets can be routed correctly. Feel free to contact us from the support page for additional help. Also note that starting a sync from the iPad is the same thing as clicking the “Sync this collection with Photosmith” within the plugin itself – there’s nothing in the sync process that requires the app to “see” the plugin.


      • Dom says:

        Thanks for your answer.

        When I browse the iPhoto library filled with the photos imported using Lightroom, it feels A LOT faster. Did you carefully profile what was going on, using Instruments ?

        Also they obviously use a trick that you should implement. They always load the next picture in the background as soon as the current one when is displayed. When you move to the next photo, they keep the previous one in cache. So when you switch back and forth (which you do all the time when you want to compare photos), you have no delay at all.

        • Chris Horne says:

          Instruments won’t help in this case. We’ve confirmed that the iPhoto app is using private APIs and direct access to the pictures.

          Apple restricts third party developers to use the public APIs and play nice within the sandbox. If we were to do what they’re doing, the app wouldn’t be approved (best case) or we’d be kicked out of the App Store (worst case).

          They do this with several of their other apps, and iPhoto is no exception. It’s how Apple makes sure their own products are better than everyone else’s.

          Our current move away from the Photo library will get around all of this, since all preview data will be stored in the local sandbox, and we can employ caching techniques that just aren’t possible or feasible with ALAssets. It’s a large architectural change that will take 2-3 months of development and testing time (to move from links to ALAssets to an import process pulls the images into the sandbox). It’s a pain point that we’ve known about for a while, but we have to pick our battles; the time for this one has finally come, and it’s in development now.


        • Chris Morse says:


          Adding to what Horne said above.

          Yes, we’ve profiled it in instruments extensively. The time is being spent (wasted) in ALAssets doing an on-the-fly downsize (which is worse on Retina iPads than non-Retina) in the background every time we ask for a full-screen image.

          We can’t pre-cache the next/previous images because we can’t control memory usage in their API. If ALAssets consumes too much memory then it’s our app that crashes with no notice or chance to recover.

          We’ve been fighting this battle since iOS 4.x on the iPad 1 and while we’ve made incremental improvements we can’t win the overall battle so that’s why we’re taking another approach. Bottom line: ALAssets was not designed to be used in the way we use it so the changes described above by Horne are a necessity.

  11. Charles says:

    Just purchased a 5th gen iPad. I purchased this based on a number of recommendations. This build hangs and crashes constantly. I’m unable to do any sort of editing. Totally worthless.

    • Chris Horne says:

      Hi Charles-

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. Please contact us via our Support page so we can get more information and try to determine what’s going on.


      • Charles says:

        I already did (two days ago). Haven’t heard squat back.

        • Chris Morse says:

          Charles, I checked the support system and I couldn’t find any tickets that appear to match to you. Did you get the auto-reply from our support system? If so, could you reply back to that and CC me (crmorse@ domain name above) so that I can check on your case?

          If you didn’t get an auto-reply that means either your spam checker or ours ate the message. I’ve checked the spam folder on our side and it’s clean.

  12. Jean-Louis De Pecker says:

    Are you plannig some bugfix release till the new architecture of the app ?

    • Chris Morse says:

      No, not really. The current version is the most stable it’s been for several versions now. True, there are some people still heavily affected however they are a small portion of the whole. We can either keep whittling down that minority month by month while everybody suffurs a less than perfect app or we can just bite the bullet and get it done. We’re well past the time to just get it done… so we are. We’re not publishing a schedule or time estimate because we don’t want to feel the pressure to release early like we felt with 2.0. We’re just going to make sure it’s done and done right.

      I am truly sorry if you are still having problems and our support line is always available to you. We’ve amassed quite a collection of tricks for dealing with finiky images that cause the app trouble so it’s not a lost cause.