October 12, 2012

Version 2.2.1 of the app was approved by Apple and released in the App Store today.

Version 2.2 included some big under-the-hood changes for iOS6. Because of that, a few new bugs were introduced that needed attention after iOS6 shipped – it’s a constant race to keep up with Apple’s iOS updates (as well as Lightroom!). Version 2.2.1 addresses all the issues that we knew of, plus a few more random bugs. Notably, we spent a lot of time on keywords – those with complex keywords were having trouble. We also spent some time with sync speed, which was greatly improved in the latest plugin.

Disappearing Photos

The biggest bug that was fixed was the images just disappearing at random when you restarted the app or rescanned pictures.  It took a while to track down, and the problem ended up being a bug in Apple’s Photos library code. Essentially, we would check to see if the pictures were still around – a simple “is this photo equal to the existing one”, and if not, remove it from the catalog. But as it turns out, the “isEqual” method provided by Apple for that library doesn’t actually work… Developers reading this will understand what a fundamental oversight this is on Apple’s part; however, at the end of the day, the problem is now ours to solve. We submitted the bug to Apple and worked around it in the meanwhile.

In an upcoming post, we’re going to talk about this more and big plans to change how we manage pictures internally going forward.

Where Next?

So where are we heading next? The past few releases have been purely focused on bug fixes. In fact, we released an update every three weeks for the past 6 versions – all minor updates, addressing bugs as reported to us by users.  And now, we feel that 2.2.1 is our best release yet. Enough that we’re going to pull back a little and focus on new development going forward. Some will be visual and some will be big changes to how we manage pictures, but all of it is designed to make the app better.

Stay tuned for more info.


Headline Fixes:
• Fixed bug where images would all disappear or be inconsistent on app resume or image rescan. This was caused by Apple's photos API incorrectly failing it's own equality tests.
• Fixed keyword processing to address possible issue with keywords being deleted, duplicated at the root level, or not synced at all
Other important fixes:
• Added an alphabetical slider to the keyword Hierarchy list
• Changed Grid quick index scrolling to scroll by rows instead of section headings and fixed scaling problem where last few sections weren't reachable
• Updated iOS 6 Photo access prompts
• Fixed bug where Sync Now button would flash on/off
• Added support for GPS coordinates when importing from LR.
• Fixed random crash when scrolling the grid caused by thumbnails that were too slow to load from iOS by adding a guard against slow thumbnails.
• Fixed potential crash after connection from eyeFi with invalid card ID
• Fixed bug where keywords could not be deleted from inside the app
• Fixed iOS6 bug where the Photos app error alert wouldn't clear out the error state
• Fixed iOS6 bug where welcome screen background would be rotated incorrectly

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13 Responses to “Photosmith v2.2.1 Released”

  1. Jean-Louis De Pecker says:

    I put my photo in the camera roll, launch the app and every photo are in.

    Then I erase all the photo from the camera roll and the app refuse to update and let all the photo. I try the update button but nothing.

    The only way is to select an album with at least 1 photo.

  2. Mike Wren says:

    We’re looking into a possible bug related to images deleted from Photos.app/Camera Roll not being removed from Photosmith’s catalog. We will post an update when we have either a work-around within this version of Photosmith, or a schedule for release of an app update.

  3. Stephen Barry says:

    What ever happened to the ability to transfer images to a seagate goflex wifi drive?

    • Chris Horne says:

      Development on the GoFlex is ongoing – we’re working with Seagate to try to release support as soon as possible.

      We’re under strict NDA with Seagate, so we can’t say much. But we can say that as soon as we can deliver a reliable solution for the GoFlex drive, we will. And it’s high on our list. :)

  4. Jean-Louis De Pecker says:

    And what about this bug with the photo which don’t delete in the app but which still non present from the camera roll ? It’s very annoying !

    • Chris Horne says:

      We think we have a fix already, but are having a bit of a hard time getting feedback on exactly what people are seeing. Does it only happen when you re-scan (or automatically rescan on startup) and there are now supposed to be 0 photos in Photosmith?

      If this is the case, then we have it fixed and will be submitting it to Apple in the next day or so.

  5. Jean-Louis De Pecker says:

    For me the both rescan procedures (startup or manual rescan) doesn’t work if you select an album with 0 photos.

    In the “Services/iPad Photos” tab, the “Scan Photos Now” doesn’t work but no errors messages appear ; like at Startup”

    The “Dashboard/Maintenance” tab doesn’t help neither.

    • Chris Horne says:

      Thanks for the feedback – this collaborates with the bug that we’ve fixed. 2.2.2 is in final testing and will be sent to Apple ASAP.

  6. Jean-Louis De Pecker says:

    Do you plan to fixe other bugs ? The app quit when I tag photo wirh keyword but there is no common point between the different times it quit. At least it appears after approximatively each 10 minutes of keywords tagging.

    Thanks for your future 2.2.2 version.

    • Chris Horne says:

      Of course. We’ve been focused on bugs almost exclusively the past few releases. They’re seemingly random because… they’re random. The few remaining crashes are directly related to the Photos app interface that Apple provides. We’ve been trying for a year and a half to work within it’s constraints, but we’ve decided it’s time to break free, and are working towards that goal now. We’ll have a blog post soon about that.

  7. Jean-Louis De Pecker says:

    I just make 4 tests and the app crash all the 49-51 photos (2048 x 1365) ! I just swap right to left (no keywords, no stars, etc) under “tagging” tab.

    Before I test I did not experience a loss of work : the last thing I do (keywords, stars, reject, …) still here. When I relaunch the app start with the last photo I select but it switch under “Catalog” tab.