August 22, 2012

Update: v2.1.3 was approved by Apple today (30-Aug-2012) and has been released worldwide.

Version 2.1.3 was uploaded to Apple late last week. It has a whole raft of goodies for everybody! We’ll notify everybody via the blog and Twitter once Apple approves the updates.

There’s no new features in this release but the biggest bug fixes are:

  • Fixed keyword problems with unicode characters
  • Fixed many localization issues with date/times (ie. grid, loupe, etc.)
  • Fixed many rotation issues
  • Fixed many UI bugs and thumbnail dragging issues including lockup and orphaned thumbnails
  • Fixed many sync stability issues
  • Fixed internal uniqueID issue that caused several sync problems, black tiles in Loupe, and other issues.

Please note: Photosmith v2.1.3 will require you to update the plugin to 2.1.3 also before you can sync.  We will release the new plugin shortly before the update goes live in iTunes.

Version 2.1.3 is the bug fix release that we had hoped 2.0.1 would be…. We’ve finally gotten to the point where we’re able to do things on our schedule instead of constantly reacting to other’s impetus (although iOS 6 is threatening to derail our progress slightly).  We have also benefited mightily from a few dedicated users who have really put in a huge amount of effort to help us find some of the deep and nagging problems that have been so elusive to track down.  Claudio and Mike, thank you! You shouldn’t have had to do this but we’re all grateful you have.

A lot of folks assume that since all iPads are roughly equal and that we only sync with Lightroom that everything should be exactly the same for everyone. And since everything is predictable and reproducible any bug that someone encounters is something we must have known about or we just didn’t bother testing.  Unfortunately, that is just not true.  We have run into some of the weirdest things you’d never believe and we have plenty of support cases that prove otherwise….

On the other hand, the customer’s expectation is that it should “just work” and that is reasonable so that’s why bug releases like this one have happen. It doesn’t matter that things are inconsistent, it’s our job to deal with all of that. So we dedicate weeks of coding to nothing but finding every crazy scenario (and some that aren’t so crazy but we just missed), fix them, and then test the crap out of them.  Sometimes, it’s something simple that we should have caught but just never thought of…  Like the thumbnail dragging bug that our own Neeley Will found.  If you drag and drop with a single finger (like we imagined) everything is fine, but if you happen to drop a second finger down (which most people didn’t realize was happening) while dragging and pause long enough everything went bananas. “Oops”

So, without further ado, here is our official full release notes. (The version in iTunes will be abridged but we spill all of our guts for our loyal readers…)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where keywords would sometimes be incorrectly split up upon import
  • Fixed bug where some imported images wouldn’t import correctly due to required database flush
  • Fixed bug for photos in some rotated configurations that cause random blocks to display in Loupe / Fullscreen
  • Fixed bug where the status in EyeFi was incorrect after selecting a new card ID
  • Fixed bug where the metadata fields would sometimes report <2 values> when only one image is selected
  • Added guard for keyword deletion when keyword is possibly null
  • Fixed collection offset when dragging images to drop into collection and collection list is scrolled
  • Fixed bug where metadata would be extracted twice, once again in the background after the main one ran
  • Fixed memory leak that would grow during sync, causing 1000+ image syncs to crash
  • Fixed bug where app may crash in certain situations when purging
  • Fixed bug where app may lockup when dragging and dropping items that may be offscreen in the grid
  •  Fixed bug where re-scanning photos would sometimes not properly remove un-selected photos


  • Re-worked display for headers in grid view to display proper date/time formatting for international dates
  • Added refresh of date/time display in grid/loupe upon app resume so that settings changes would be immediately updated
  • When selecting a keyword, the search box is now cleared to match keyword creation behavior
  • Added secondary sorting field for filename, so that subsecond sequential shots would be sorted by date and then by filename
  • Added guard for reported crashes during thumbnail loading
  • Minor speed improvement to Reject flag speed in certain circumstances
  • Re-worked unique identifier for photos throughout app. Addresses problems with duplicate images, black tiles, and other random weirdness
  • Added alert for auto-enabling of Camera Roll for Lightroom and EyeFi syncs

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24 Responses to “Photosmith v2.1.3”

  1. AJ says:

    Hi. Sorry if this is a silly question but does this 2.1.3 update fix the GoFlex compatibility issue or is that yet to be resolved? I thought this update was the one destined to be my GoFlex salvation however I don’t see mention of it in the above summary. Just hoping to clarify. Thanks very much – and keep up the great work. AJ

    • Chris Morse says:

      No, 2.1.3 does not address GoFlex. The results of our testing indicated that the current workarounds we have are not enough to get reliable results with the current design of the drive. We do have one last idea to try but getting the core app stable for everybody has to take priority over adding a new feature. I do realize that many people bought Photosmith specifically for GoFlex support so it is still something that is a priority for us.

      • Dean says:

        Would it be possible for you to make a mailing list for people who would like to know when these issues are fixed? I would love to buy your product but I’m not going to put money down on it, or a goflex drive before I need to and I’m sure there are many like myself.

  2. Mike says:

    A new version of the Hyperdrive Colorspace UDMA2 drive has just been released that has WiFi capability. This device allows one to load images to its hard drive directly from a flash card (and do some preliminary image management). The WiFi capabiliy of the Colorsmith drive seems to be similar to that of the GoFlex. However, the Colorspace offers features that make it more than just an external hard drive (GoFlex). I was hoping to combine the WiFi Colorspace with the iPad PhotoSmith app to provide a travel workflow that would provide 750GB of image capacity.

  3. Brian Wong says:

    I’m trying to update my LR plugin with LR 3.5, but I get a “Could not update BonjourServices.lua” error. Any thoughts?

    • Chris Morse says:

      It’s probably a permissions issue. This happens a lot under Win 7 especially with plugins originally installed long ago before we fixed a lot of the install bugs.

      Easiest solution is to uninstall the plugin and reinstall it from a fresh download from our website.

    • Brian Wong says:

      OK. I was able to update it by removing the old version, and downloading the new version. But for some reason, the update functionality within LR did not work for me.

  4. AJ says:

    Hi! Great to hear the update is now available. Sorry for a silly question – I am new to the world of apps … I want to buy photosmith from scratch so do I buy the app but still need to use a plugin? If I just go to the app store and pick download is that all I need to do? AJ

    • Andreas says:

      The app is for the iPad, the plugin for your PC. It is necessary for the communication between lightroom and Photosmith on the iPad. The plugin has to be installed in your Lightroom plugin folder.
      On Windows you have start Lightroom as Administrator. Otherwise the plugin does not work.

      • Chris Morse says:

        Actually since plugin version about 2.1+ you shouldn’t need to run as administrator anymore unless you picked a sync port less than 1024.

      • Chris Horne says:

        Or install in a C:\Users\ subdirectory. The exact directory isn’t critical, but this is the directory in Windows 7 that Microsoft wants user programs to run within.

        I recently updated the documentation and the download page to reflect this.

    • Brian Wong says:

      Just an additional note, the plugin is free, the app is not. So you buy the app on the App Store, but download the plugin from this website for free.

  5. AJ says:

    Thanks Andreas – I am most appreciative of your advice. Aj.

  6. Brian Wong says:

    Preliminary indications mark this update as a vast improvement over 2.1.2. Syncing 937 photos at Retina size was very very stable, even though it took somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-6 hours (I actually wasn’t sitting at my computer or with my iPad the whole time, but that was the approximate run rate). This was not possible for me on 2.1.2. It would constantly freeze in the process.

    One bizarre thing that came up was that I was syncing a user collection from LR to Photosmith, and while all the photos made it to the iPad (and show up in the Camera Roll), only 20 photos were sync’d to the same collection in Photosmith. The rest are showing up in the “All Photos” collection on Photosmith.

    This isn’t a huge deal for me since the photos made it over, but if I was really relying on collections to organize my photos, this might be a problem.

    • Chris Horne says:


      I’d like to get that problem fixed. Can you contact us from the support page, and include your plugin log file?

    • Foto VI says:

      Yes, bizarre is the keyword.
      In my recent experience, very little has changed concerning the sync freezes.
      I am glad, support is here to help. How can I send you the log files recorded in
      Photosmith, not the plugin?

  7. Al says:

    When using Services>Export>iPad Album, you can still not use – or _ in the album name, which does not allow for a description like 2012-08-31.

  8. Vito says:

    It does not sync for me anymore. It stopped working. I keep getting an weird error message. I’m trying to update the LR plugin to 2.1.3 but it keep saying that it is version 2.1.14 and that there are no updates.

    • Vito says:

      The error is:

      bad argument #1 to ‘?’ (string expected, got nil)

      I have tried with LR3 and LR4. I’m using a mac. Help appreciated

      • Claude says:

        Same error, on mac, LR4

        • Chris Morse says:

          We’re getting reports from several users with this error. I was able to reproduce it once but can’t get it to now. It does seem to be related to specific images.

          I would be most appreciative if you could help us track this one day by sending us your plugin log file. Just go to to open a ticket and then reply back to the autoresponder email with your plugin log file attached.

          We’re tracking it down as fast as possible but since it only affects some people (and none of the 5 of us) it’s been hard to find.

    • Chris Morse says:

      There had to be a change in the plugin version number after we had shipped to Apple 2.1.14 is the correct latest version of the plugin.