We’ve been a little quiet here on the blog for the past week or two, but only because we’ve been busy, busy with other goings on…

Apple’s WWDC

The big news in the iOS development world was the Apple WorldWide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), held last week in San Fransisco. There was the public announcements of iOS 6, the new Macbook Pro, and some other cool stuff, plus a bunch of new stuff that we can’t talk about under the standard non-disclosure agreement.

The new iOS6 has a lot of cool new stuff that will open up new possibilities and make some existing things easier / cleaner. We’ve got a little bit of time, since iOS6 won’t be available until the fall. Be aware that we won’t officially support iOS6 until it’s released, since it’s a moving target; we’ve had one or two reports that Photosmith currently doesn’t work on iOS6 beta 1, so please know the risk.

We also had the opportunity to meet up with a number of other developers and engineers inside Apple to ask specific questions Рa huge help for some concepts we have going forward. 

Seagate GoFlex Update

While we were in the area, we setup a meeting with the Seagate engineers in Cupertino about the GoFlex drive. They were a pleasure to talk with, and have been very open to both new ideas and working together toward getting things working well for our needs. We hope to be able to turn on support for the drive soon, but we can’t put a date on it just yet. Just know that we haven’t forgotten about it!

Update May 2014: We’ve ceased our development efforts of integrating Seagate’s line of wireless portable hard drives natively with Photosmith. Despite many attempts, we have been unable to interface with the drives in a way that we can guarantee reliability. We have talked to Seagate about these issues, and they assure us the drives work as designed, as a media consumption device. However, the use of the Wireless Plus and GoFlex devices as a backup device through its wireless interface has sadly not proven to be dependable enough for us to support it natively within Photosmith.

Recent Plugin Updates

There have been a couple plugin updates over the past week or so (yes, from the hotel room…. that was interesting). Most of these updates address bugs that are reported to us through support queries, but we’ve also added preliminary support for new Lightroom 4.x features.

We’ll be introducing a beta program for the plugin for those who want to try the features before anyone else (and feel a bit lucky / dangerous!). The beta will be ongoing – just download from a different link, so no need to coordinate with us. We’ll announce when this is ready here on the blog.

Lightroom Pick / Reject Support

As yes. Pick and Rejects. We’ve had requests for this since before we launched version 1. The problem has always been that Lightroom’s API just didn’t support it – our hands were tied. That is, until a couple weeks ago.

We’re thrilled¬† to report that Pick and Reject support has been added to the app. We’ve also got some speed improvements, a couple crash fixes in there (with the help of an Apple engineer at WWDC), as well as some other minor bug fixes.¬† This version is being testing now and will be released when that’s complete.


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7 Responses to “WWDC Followup, Recent updates, and Pick Support”

  1. Yeah yeah yeah 1000 times yeah!

  2. jpatrick says:

    Please also add the possibility to send photos to the other place other than standard photostream when importing from Lightroom. I cannot use Photoshmith because of this issue. Please add this to the upcoming version!
    Thank you.

    • Chris Horne says:

      We’re focusing on bugs and stability first, and knocking out Picks and Rejects because its relatively straightforward- remember that this version was only launched 4 weeks ago.

      Moving off the photostream is a top priority, but not as simple as just flipping a switch- there are a lot of complexities and side effects that we need to work through. Work has already begun, but I can’t quote a specific date. Please bear with us…

  3. Nick says:

    From what I’ve found it seems your app is the only one that may have a feature to transfer photos from the iPad to the GoFlex Satellite. Once this feature is available I’ll buy your app in a heartbeat for that capability alone!

  4. Steve Barry says:

    Good to hear that you haven’t forgotten about issues using photosmith 2 with the Seagate Goflex drive. I came late to Photosmith and the functionality of being able to offload images from my iPad to an ext hdd via wifi was one of the main reasons I bought the app and the drive. I’m sure there are others in my shoes. Hope you can add this feature soon…thanks

  5. Olof says:

    When having these two flags available in Photosmith, it would be great to be able to filter on unpicked. I use that very frequently in LR.

  6. Dan says:

    Any chance to see an aperture version of the app in the future?
    This should be added to the FAQ ;-)