Great news! The 2.0.1 update we submitted to Apple last week has just been approved and added to the app store.

The official fix list is at the bottom of this post. Please note, this does not fix every bug identified during launch. We’re still working on a few of them and we will send another update to Apple soon. We went ahead and shipped 2.0.1 right away because it fixes most of the crashes that folks were experiencing.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed many causes of crashes –most are related to photos or camera that write out erroneous or corrupt EXIF info
  • Fixed keyword issue where root level keywords were being duplicated
  • Fixed problems decoding certain types of camera metadata
  • Fixed problem where changing Filter settings in a user collection did not update the grid.
  • Fixed Loupe/Fullscreen so it properly advances when rejecting photos
  • Fixed Auto-advance skipping to 2nd image on reject
  • Fixed Dashboard tab so IP address is updated on each display


  • Optimized thumbnail storage / caching
  • Optimized Loupe/Fullscreen drawing and swiping to be smoother


Plugin v2.0.31 Released

By coincidence, we’re also releasing version 2.0.31 of the plugin tonight. This plugin update takes advantage of some Lightroom 4.x features (and still works correctly if you have Lightroom 3.x).

Bug fixes:

  • Bug fixes and logic updates to better handle photos being removed from a collection. Due to how Lightroom is supposed to work, this was a tricky scenario to handle. Please let us know if you have any problems with it.
  • Fixed bug where selecting only camera model and file date search for file matching would not work correctly
  • Fixed bug for unicode characters in filenames


  • Added LR4 support for rejects. If you have LR4 and reject a photo in the app, it’ll now properly reject in Lightroom. We’re working to add the UI for pick | reject to the app
  • Added LR4 support for shutdown of psahttp service on Lightroom shutdown
  • Added check to ensure only one sync is happens at a time
  • Disabled file matching by date/time file until app 2.0.2 is available with a bug fix (see below)

While working on the plugin, we found a bug in the app where the EXIF info for the image capture date/time isn’t being parsed correctly in some situations. It seems that not all cameras and programs write out the EXIF correctly for the date/time. We’ve compensated for this in the code, but did so after the 2.0.1 version was shipped to Apple. It’ll be included in the next update we’ll be releasing. Until then, the file matching by date/time will be broken because of this, and so is disabled in the plugin temporarily.

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