May 23, 2012


Just wow!

If we thought the development cycle was a roller coaster of emotions launch was even more so. Thirteen months ago when we launched Photosmith for the first time we had no idea what to expect. We quickly learned. The journey to get from there to here was long and arduous but now that we’ve arrived, totally worth it! All of us will agree that this has been the hardest thing we’ve ever done but also the most rewarding.

The wonderful things people have said about Photosmith has been amazing. Hearing how it enables them to reclaim time lost in travel or spend more time together with friends and family even more so.


We did know that this time there would be the added pressure of knowing our entire existing user base was going to hit update at nearly the same time.  We had to be ready for them as well as anybody new coming our way.  In anticipation, we doubled our support staff enough ahead of time that so that they’d be up to the challenge come today and they came through in fine form.  Big kudos to Mike, Will, and Ben!

We are still catching up on the support queue and as of right now there’s only about 30 tickets left to go, we’re knocking them out as fast as we can.  Remarkably, we’ve only had issues reported from about 0.7% of our user base — not the perfection we aim for but far better than the roughly -oh I don’t know- about 90% we had in v1.

Known Issues

On that note, we’ve identified some common issues and we’re working them with the utmost priority to get updates out immediately.

Here’s the list of the most prevalent ones:

  • Plugin
    • On some Windows machines the <plugin folder>/out directory isn’t being created properly during install.  This prevents psahttp.exe from starting which causes syncing from the app to not work.
    • The <plugin folder>/tmp directory is created when any export from Lightroom to Photosmith is executed. On Windows 7 with managed rights, the whole plugin folder needs to have “CHANGE” permission assigned to it.
    • The JPG size selection is not always being honored upon export
    • Syncing hierarchical keywords sometimes can lead to duplicates

Note: A new plugin was uploaded at 12:50am EST to address some of the immediate bugs – namely with JPG settings not always being honored on sync. If you still experience problems with sync not working from the iPad or an error with “Required files not present”, you may need to delete and reinstall the plugin.

  • App
    • Rejecting a photo sometimes skips over the next photo in Loupe & Fullscreen
    • Including the Camera Roll in albums to scan sometimes leads to crashes during the scan. This happens more frequently (but not always) if there are screenshots present.
    • Black tiles sometimes appear over the photos in Loupe view.  We are having difficulty reliably reproducing this issue and rebooting the iPad usually fixes it.  If you have a photo that reliably causes this symptom please get in touch with us.
    • On the tagging sidebar the placeholder text “<x values>” sometimes gets stuck after deselecting multiple photos
    • If the iPad goes to sleep during sync it can cause the sync to fail
    • Changing filter settings doesn’t always update the grid if the currently collection is a user collection

Some Favorite Quotes

Photosmith 2 looks GORGEOUS! They really spent some time in this release making the interface LOOK BETTER! Not to mention making the app faster and manage RAM better.
Terry White at BestAppSite

Photosmith 2 is the essential Adobe Lightroom companion for the iPad.
Phil Mabey at iPad Creative

Smart Groups is the other big new feature. It takes a little getting used to, but it allows you to use sliders to narrow in on date ranges in any collection. In effect, this does away with the need for events or any time-based organization. You really have to try it to see how well it works. The Photosmith team have applied for a patent for the tech behind the feature, and its easy to see why — it’s uncannily telepathic.
Charlie Sorrel at Cult of Mac

Never has there been such an instant mashing of the “Buy App” button… Never mind editing photos on my iPad, I needed something to help with sorting / tagging / rating. Thanks guys!
–  Jonathan Bourke

I was a constant complainer of v1. I thought and said it was not ready for prime time. To their credit, the developers have hit a home run so far in my testing of v2. Why four (4) stars only. Because there is so much to this update that it will take me time to reach all the corners. BUT, if initial trials hold true the fifth star will come real soon. Did i mention blazing speed on the new iPad. Great work guys on a fantastic update.
– Photo_op (iTunes review)

First Walkthrough Video Posted

Make sure you check out our new videos page. The first video has been posted which has a general overview of the entire app.  We’ll be posting more as soon as we catch up the support queue!


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10 Responses to “Launch update”

  1. Kevin Schenk says:

    I thought smart groups got cut because I didn’t find anything in the app. I saw the quote from Charlie Sorrel, and decided to investigate a bit more. Now I just found out you can swipe the bottom bar up to reveal filters, smart groups, select all/inverted/none, and sort the photos… That removes 80% of the gripes I had about the app.

    I am still having some issues with transferring my photos to my PC. My ideal workflow would be: shoot on camera, transfer photos to iPad for backup and tagging with Photosmith, then upload to PC for further Lightroom editing.

    Is there a way to transfer photos by USB cable? Wifi is incredibly slow for me. Even uploading the photos from the iPad directly and then hitting “sync” is slow.

    Thank you!

    • Kevin Schenk says:

      I meant upload to PC directly from the iPad.

      And also, it’s awesome to see the release go well — Congrats!

    • Chris Morse says:

      Yes, the same cable-sync (formerly called “advanced sync”) method is still available for syncing photos that you imported on to your iPad from your camera into Lightroom.

      However, due to Apple’s rules the opposite direction is not currently possible. However, those should be smaller preview JPGs and should transfer very quickly.

      • Kevin Schenk says:

        Thanks, I found the advanced sync method on your support site. I’ll try it out tonight. I actually don’t mind that the opposite direction is not possible, since I delete the photos off the iPad after anyways.

        Thanks for the help!

      • Kieran Madden says:

        I’m a bit puzzled by this – are you saying that reverse sync isn’t possible for RAW files but is possible for small JPG previews, or isn’t possible at all?

        I can’t find any mention of reverse sync in the new features of v2 but I thought that was one of the features you’d intended to include (I haven’t looked much though).

  2. Richard Southworth says:

    The latest version of the sync plug-in did not fix my previously reported bug, i.e. each time I restart LR I have to do a search (automatic settings) to allow a sync, otherwise aborts with error message (already sent in to support). In general, publish services sync (ipad > LR) is unreliable, still trying to figure out what’s going on.

    • Laurent Crivello says:

      I experience the same issue. Pretty frequently (and even inside a same LR session), I need to go into the plugin, search, find iPad, save.

  3. Richard Southworth says:

    Why am I allowed to intiate a sync from the iPad when LR isn’t running (just sits there and spins, no msg). And what is the difference between sync initiated from the Dashboard as compared to sync from individual collections? Help!

  4. Chris Horne says:

    The blog comments are not monitored for help, nor can we properly diagnose problems via blog comments. Please contact us here for proper support:

    We are working through emails as quickly as possible, and are helping everyone who contacts us – please be patient as we work through some of the launch bugs!

  5. I was really excited about the upgrade so I loaded up the EyeFi card and started connecting. Wow, the EyeFi card is such a pain to set up! It seems like you still need to connect to the card in the iOS settings app so it’s not really “no other software needed”. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Once I got it working with my iPad3
    I was cruising right along, taking pictures and having them auto upload to Photosmith. That was great just how I envisioned it would be! But for some reason after 1 or 2 shots it would clear the recent photos collection and only show the very last shot. It was not a long time interval between these shots, maybe a minute so I’m unsure why it would clear out the slightly older shots. Is there a way to set how long these stay in that collection? I would like them to stay there until I release them actually.
    Then I moved to full screen with auto update and Photosmith was having some major problems trying to keep up with the slow shooting I was doing. It would load the first shot I would take but the after that it would just a progress bar and go to a black screen. It even crashed a couple of time going to the main iOS screen. I really like this option of auto updating in full screen so I really hope you can work this out.