In our last post we detailed a pretty nasty bug we were fighting in the depths of the application.  I am happy to report that we have found a workaround for the aforementioned bug (unfortunately requiring the sacrifice of some very cool live interaction during sync) and making forward progress again with great speed.  The bug list continues to shrink and what’s left to fix is becoming easier stuff by the hour.  (No date to offer yet but you’ll see it here first as soon as we do.)

But I have to stop and tell you that reading the comments from you folks on that post has been a joy (and great encouragement) as well. Due to the way the App Store works it’s kinda rare for us to have direct interactions with our customers but it sure is a treat when we do. Keep up the feedback!

I also want to give a big round of thanks to our volunteer beta testers. They’ve put in a lot of work and everyone will benefit from their efforts. We also have two paid professional testers this round and their contributions have been immeasurable.  When we launched version 1 we got surprised by a problem with certain raw formats we’d never seen before. We’re taking every possible precaution to make sure you folks don’t have any nasty surprises like that again.

We had planned to show some screenshots by now but since Nico was affected by the very same sync bug he had to shift to some other tasks while we sorted it out. We should get some posted soon.

For those wanting a “fix” in the meantime, may I recommend Jeff Carlson’s book iPad for Photographers*. His newest edition was released just a few weeks ago and contains an entire chapter on Photosmith 2 as well as many other apps every iPad wielding photographer should know about.  I can vouch that he put a lot of diligence into the section on Photosmith so the entire book is sure to be a always-in-your-bag guide.

[* Sadly, I’m not obeying the “Pinker rule” here as I’ve only managed to read up through the chapter containing Photosmith so far, there just hasn’t been enough spare time for me to finish it yet but it’s definitely going with me on my post-launch vacation.]

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  1. [...] like the beta period is drawing to a close, based on the duo’s most recent blog post: “We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…“. (They also include a plug for the book. [...]

  2. Zack Jones says:

    Speaking of RAW formats will version 2 support the ORF files from the just released Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera? If you need some RAW files to test that format wtih let me know and I can arrange to get you some.

  3. Scott Toll says:

    Great news. Went and downloaded the book iPad for photographers. Will give me something to read during my wait. Looking forward to seeing the 2.0. Keep up the hard work.

  4. Murray Dillon says:

    Just found your website and 2.0 looks like it could be a killer app for anyone with an iPad and Camera!

    So long as you have a simple to use mode I see you guys having great success as there is a real lack of such a Camera -> iPad tool. Make sure you stick in the usual display options as well please – slideshow etc. Your market will then not just be work-flow to Lightroom, but actual a mass market appeal camera -> iPad solution.

  5. Michel Jarsaillon says:

    We are very eager to read the news we’re waiting since long, long weeks…. thanks for your work, I’m sure you will not disappoint us.

  6. Brett Calcott says:

    Hi. I just bought the app, and was looking for some support. Is there a place you send bugs. Quite a few so far. I’m also unsure what is going on. Do I have version 2.0? It does say anywhere that it is version 2.0, but it says on the side-panel: “Latest News: Photosmith version 2 is scheduled for release at the end of April and will be a free update for all owners since day 1″. It’s now late April. Am I right in thinking that the 2.0 release was delayed and I should just wait for the bug fixes to come in v2.0.

    In any case, the biggest pain right now is that I deleted a bunch of photos in the Photo app, but they still appear in photosmith (well, small versions appear at least). I can’t seem to force it to re-index…


    • Chris Morse says:

      Hi Brett,

      Sorry to hear that you are having problems with Photosmith. Yes, you are correct that you have version 1. We have truly awesome support and we’ll help you get through your issues.

      Click support on the top menu bar and it will take you to our support page. When you start typing a ticket title it’ll try to auto-match you to a solution, if you don’t like any of the ones offered just go ahead and create a ticket and we’ll get back to you lickity-fast.

      (The delete thing is actually pretty common and it’s caused by the same iOS bugs that added so much delay to releasing v2… go back a couple of posts in the blog to see about it)

      • Kevin says:

        I can only echo Chris’ response. I too had an support issue and, despite the chaps working hard on v.2, Chris’ responses to my many questions were immediate and helpful. Thanks.

      • Brett Calcott says:

        Ah, I see. I saw the support menu entry, but when you click it, it shows a submenu for camera compatibility. I thought that was all there was. Maybe I just have different expectations about ui interaction…

  7. Bill H says:

    Once again, thanks for the continued updates, and for the progress you’re making on this. As a project manager myself, I appreciate the updates, especially when things aren’t going as planned (e.g. you hit a bug so things got delayed). Timely communication with stakeholders is important, and you guys are doing a great job of it. Thanks again!

    BTW I had only played around a bit with v1, but today used it for real on a project involving some macro shots. I was able to take shots, view them immediately on the iPad, select the ones I wanted, then sync them as a collection into LR. Aside from my slow wireless (not your issue :) the only workflow went very smoothly. I’m looking forward to seeing what v2 has in store for us.