We’re happy to report that launch is going VERY well.  We just took over the venerable iMovie in the Top Grossing chart in Photography!

We’ve gotten lots of favorable press and I’ll note that many of the reviews have been very candid with where we’re lacking.  We wouldn’t have any other way.

On that note, we’ve since become aware that cameras that shoot native DNG are having trouble.  Most are reporting that the iPad’s own Photos app is having trouble with them as well. But even those that work in Photos.app are still giving Photosmith trouble.  We are working very hard on this issue and will get a fix out as fast as possible. Please bear with us.

So far the support site is working quite well with users voting on the features they want to see most. That’s just awesome!

Future Plans: We expected there would be some initial v1.0 bugs and we were right.  Our goal is to get a v1.1 release out with critical bug fixes as soon as possible.  We had originally planned for v1.1 to also include the multi-image tagging capability but I think for the sake of users with crashes that needs to wait a few extra days.  Rest assured, that and Lightroom “reverse sync” are still our top priorities for new features and we’ll add those in as fast as possible!

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2 Responses to “Sales are a smash hit and we’ve got a smashing bug”

  1. James says:

    Any plans for the option to sync with Aperture?

    • Chris Horne says:

      Not at this time. The feature is still on the table, but we want to make sure we get everything solid before expanding too far. One thing at a time… :)